A Difficult Journey

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe constantly encounter different problems along the spiritual path. No one has promised us that it would be an easy journey since we are actually working against our nature, against our ego, and it is very difficult. We don’t understand what we are doing since we are in our ego while the forces that correct the ego are external to it and are called the Creator. We have to summon their influence upon us so that they will correct our ego.

But how can we ask for forces that are opposite from our ego and contrary to it in order to correct it while being in our ego? It is impossible, since we cannot operate externally. In order to do so, we were given a point in the heart, which means minimal contact with the external force, with the Creator. However, this contact is minimal and merely a point, we have to develop it.

A whole system was created in the ego for this purpose: a group, support, and the friends. Thus we can somehow find the connection with the external force that should manage us and sustain us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/29/13

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