Uniting Desires

laitman_934Question: Suppose that my friend and I are hungry and are preparing to eat lunch together. Does this mean that we have united our desires? What does it mean to unite desires?

Answer: You could unite like that all you want, but your desires will not be connected. They only unite if you yearn for a single goal, a higher goal above your ego, according to the principle, “When in Him will my soul rejoice.”

To rise to the upper world, two people must unite and create a common desire like that of the Creator.

Uniting Desires

This desire is built upon mutual integration between them where they are ready to help each other have a positive influence on the Creator. Nonetheless, a person begins to influence the Creator to the same degree that the Creator influences the person.

Question: What are the tools that the wisdom of Kabbalah offers to a person who wants to begin to manage his reality?

Answer: This instrument is the characteristic of bestowal that we acquire when we connect together.

It means that a third characteristic is built between two egoists (ego 1 and ego 2), the characteristic of bestowal (bestowal 1+2). To the degree that they bestow to each other mutually, they begin to direct and turn it toward the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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