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JPost: “A Memo To President Trump“

The Jerusalem Post published my new article “A Memo To President Trump

President Trump, I wish you a pleasant visit to Israel. Still, in my view, your success in office depends on an effective implementation of the America First policy.

Dear Mr. President:

Welcome to Israel.

The Israeli public awaits your arrival with great anticipation, just as your supporters back home are eager to see the fulfillment of your America First policy. For this reason, I truly believe that turning the attention to America is the key to making your term in office a success.

You know better than anyone that joblessness in American society is a constant concern, as tens of millions are still living on various forms of government benefits. Such permanent inactivity is a recipe for trouble. Prolonged idleness creates crime, violence, substance abuse, and can ravage entire communities. On the national level, the sense of solidarity among Americans is at an all-time low. As politics creates factions and frictions within society that impede every effort for improvement, it seems as though the very nationhood of the American people is at risk.

To combat these challenges, I recommend the introduction of a nationwide program to strengthen communities and deepen the solidarity among the American people. The program consists of two interdependent elements that together will guarantee both the livelihood of all Americans and their national solidarity.

Because it is necessary to guarantee people’s livelihoods, some sort of Universal Basic Income (UBI) is required in this program. However, if we leave it at that, a permanent income that does not require any commitment from the beneficiaries will “kill” people’s ability to work and to connect with others, and will turn them into hazards to society.

For this reason, reception of UBI benefits must be contingent upon partaking in courses and workshops conducted under specific rules designed to invoke in participants feelings of connection, trust, and reciprocity. These workshops are part of a method called Integral Education (IE), which has proven itself successful numerous times over many years, and in countless places around the world, including the US, Europe, Israel, and Russia.

Besides workshops, IE provides practical tools for handling emotional and social crises, and includes learning about the history of the country, state, and city where people live, so as to make them feel connected to their local neighborhoods and to the US society as a whole. But most important, this method makes people feel that solidarity and a sense of community create more value for them than isolation and alienation.

Today’s technologies enable providing IE to millions of people online at minimal cost. People can participate from home or at public venues such as community centers. While facilitators will still be required in classrooms, professional instruction can be given online by a handful of trained professionals from one central location.

The decrease in violence and crime, and the increase in national cohesion and positive social engagement will drastically reduce crime and violence levels, and will slash the prevalence of substance abuse. These changes will save vast amounts of government and municipal resources, making the IE program exceptionally lucrative.

Beyond the economic value, IE will transform communities, creating an ambience of friendliness, trust, comprehension of social responsibility, and strong engagement in pro-social activities.

Mr. President, as you are a pragmatic individual, I think you should focus on America first and do what is best for the American society, as you have clearly stated since the onset of your presidency. If you implement a nationwide IE program, America will undoubtedly become a role model of social stability and national solidarity. Or, to use your words, it will “Make America great again.”

With best wishes,
Michael Laitman

France After The Election: What Will Become Of Macron?

laitman_431_05Question: The new prime-minister of France Emmanuel Macron promises to bring back all the characteristics of free France. It is believed that he wasn’t elected as much for his promises as to oppose Marine Le Pen. The fight was against her. What do you think this will lead to? What is your Kabbalistic prediction?

Answer: I can say only one thing: He is the centrist, for both, the left and the right voted for him, liberals and Democrats, conservatives and Republicans, just to not let Le Pen win, because she was actually feared.

It should be remembered that 10 to 15% of the French population is comprised of immigrants from North African and Middle Eastern countries. All of them repelled Le Pen.

The thing is, that the people that brought Macron to power, united to let him win. But uniting to govern the country, this they will not be able to do.

To raise above yourself despite the opposite views so that the left and the right lines would merge into the middle line, above the differences, that is what they will not be able to do; they are not Kabbalists. And that is why everything is doomed to a slow, ever deepening collapse.

Question: So they will start tearing Macron apart?

Answer: Yes. He will start yielding to some, then to others, and as a result, France will become weaker and weaker. Eventually it will be ruled, as Le Pen said, by a woman. That is, probably, how it will happen.

Question: So, you believe, that the left and the right will not be able to unite around Macron?

Answer: They don’t have the system of uniting opposites where each, retaining their individuality, raises above it, and connects with others, opposite themselves.

In our world, this condition does not really exist. We have to teach people how to do it. Therefore, we currently observe a division of the public in half in all the countries prior to elections. The result of the elections is a marginal advantage of one side or the other.

This all leads to an overwhelming polarization of humanity in the world, and people will be forced to find ways of peaceful coexistence. Otherwise, it will result in war.

Question: So you are hinting that, actually, the science of Kabbalah will be needed to bring the opposites together?

Answer: Undoubtedly! Either before or after war.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/11/17

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The Torah: Encrypted Knowledge

Laitman_137Question: Could the wisdom of Kabbalah exist without the Torah?

Answer: The Torah is Kabbalah and not how it was later reinterpreted and altered by people.

The Torah is a Kabbalistic record of the information of the upper world. It seems to us that it talks about historical events in our world, but it has nothing to do with them, and talks only about what is happening in the form of the forces of the upper world.

The Torah is written in the language of the branches, so instead of still, vegetative, animate, and human objects mentioned in it, we must imagine the forces that rule the universe. And not only the entire text, but every letter of the Torah is a record of force. Hence, we must treat it as encrypted knowledge.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Trump Against The Judicial System

laitman_245_10In the News (CNN): “Donald Trump turned to his favorite outlet for outrage over the weekend when he blasted out tweets to his 23.9 million followers lambasting the federal judge who temporarily suspended the President’s executive orders on immigration.

“After only three weeks in office, he is launching an unusual attack—not just on a particular ruling, but targeting a specific judge.

“‘Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril,’ Trump wrote. ‘If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!’ Trump wrote.

“The message was clear. If there’s a terrorist attack, it’s the judge’s fault.”

My Comment: His predecessor, the previous president Obama, opened the entry of Muslims into the United States, following which, close to ten million Muslims immigrated to the United States. This could have bad consequences. We know that they have brought no benefit either to the state or the society in any country they have gathered.

Comment: But citizens in the United States have organized demonstrations against the ban on entry…

Response: People who were paid and directed to do this participated in these demonstrations because during the last 30 to 40 years, the media have caused degeneration and “disorientation” among the people so that people no longer know anything. That is why they are going out with fanatical conviction against Trump. They don’t understand that Trump represents a new movement that has ripened in the United States, which includes most of the population who understand that it is impossible to leave the nation in the custody of the liberals. This is even though we see that those “liberals” are ready to destroy anyone who doesn’t support their views.

Half of the people want one thing, and the other half wants something else. The Democrats took advantage of the opportunities that they had, so why don’t they want to allow the other half to run the country if this happened according to the constitution? Where is their pluralism? Pluralism implies a multiplicity of opinions in which it is possible to express every opinion. It has become clear that there is also another opinion that must also be given a place, but they don’t want this. Are they pluralists, liberals, democrats?! They are definitely not! It follows that they are like the fascists. They bought all the media. Is this a democracy? What is possible to brag about here?! This is shameful! After all, it is possible and necessary to convey everything through the legislature, through the political system, and if not, then it is against the law.

Question: As a Kabbalist, you are for a natural equilibrium system. What kind of equilibrium solution can exist here?

Answer: There is absolutely a solution of equilibrium that exists: in addition to the left one, a second, right lever should appear. Let’s call these two sides by their conditional names. There are demonstrators and there is, let’s say, Trump. Even though he is the representative of millions of Americans, including powerful citizens who have no inclination toward violence against others that voted peacefully and quietly, but they still seem not to be heard.

A balanced system would be when the right line, led by Trump, rises in direct proportion to the left line (the Democrats) so that the two lines will be of equal value, and then they will begin to build a middle line between them, an average state. Just as minus and plus exist in nature, they must join together into a single mechanism and create life within it. Then life will flow in cycles in a society in which the right and left lines are connected and they will work in partnership. It is necessary to teach this to the society and its leaders, because this is not found in either Trump nor in Soros who embodies the left line, nor in the others. Everyone will need to learn. But first, it is Trump’s time now.

A separate line there is no life; it is only in the connection between them. And separately the two lines now become fascist. The representatives of one side threaten: “Trump will bring fascism!” And they themselves will not? We see the results. Specifically all of the neoliberals, pluralists, and democrats of today are producing a more extreme right line; they are giving rise to fascism.

Comment: What this means is that the only way is the way of the middle line.

Answer: Yes. But now it is necessary for the right line to rise up and become stable, and then after that to move toward the middle line. To do this, we must reach some kind of balance, studying and working together, just as plus and minus work for a single engine and cause it to rotate. That is how it should be.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/6/16

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Epilogue To The Holocaust Memorial Day, Part 3

laitman_255Baal HaSulam, article “The Writings of the Last Generation”: It is a fact that Israel is hated by all the nations, whether for religious, racial, capitalist, communist, or for cosmopolitan reasons, etc. It is so because the hatred precedes all reasons, but each merely resolves its loathing according to its own psychology.

This hatred is natural because the body is not getting what it needs from the head. Instinctively, subconsciously, it feels its dependence on the head. This is so because we all exist within nature, within one desire, and under the influence of common forces. And when the head does not provide the body with all that it requires, then the body blames it for all its misfortunes.

Nothing can be done about this, only correction is required. If desire is born within the body, then the head is obligated to take care of it. And we are not speaking here about the simple fulfillment of material desires of the body; this will not help. The nations of the world will never be fulfilled in this way, and we have seen this throughout the entire span of our history.

Humanity creates more and more fulfillment for itself, but our desire only grows: one who received $100, wants $200, and when he receives $200, wants $400. It is the desire to receive that must be corrected, not the actual fulfillment.

When the desire is corrected, it will begin to be fulfilled by bestowal. This is the only way it is possible to be fulfilled. In other words, it is the duty of the head to provide the body with correction. The body lacks the strength to reach bestowal because there are only desires in it.

When the body receives the strength for bestowal from the head, it will be able to fulfill itself through bestowal.
When the body is fulfilled, its negative relationship with the head will cease; in other words, the attitude of the nations of the world toward Israel. But this is only under the condition that Israel takes care of the nations of the world and demonstrates the appropriate methodology for correction to them, which they can then participate in.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/17, Lesson on Topic: “Holocaust Memorial Day”

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 5/22/17


Our general interdependence will only become more apparent, and there’s no solution but drawing close, like a family, as #Kabbalah teaches.

In his tour of the Middle East, #Trump wants to at least partially correct the mess left by Obama.

The shattered #ego paints not the whole picture, but its fragments, sciences. Its crisis leads to the union of sciences into one—Kabbalah.
From Twitter, 5/22/17

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New Life 851 – A Generation Gap

New Life 851 – A Generation Gap
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Only the soul is eternal and is not generation dependent, so if parents and children develop it together, a connection will be maintained between them.

In the future, connection between parents and children will exist only through a future common denominator, which is the development of the soul.
From KabTV’s “New Life 851 – A Generation Gap,” 4/18/17

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