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My Thoughts On Twitter, 5/25/17


This Tuesday Jews will celebrate #Shavuot, the festival of the granting of the Torah. Yet few people know what the #Torah really is.

Things That You’re Liable To Read In The #Torah – They Ain’t Necessarily So @JPostOpinion

Jerusalem Day. Best Wishes for the people of Israel  #Jerusalemday #Jerusalem50

#TrumpInIsrael with Trump we were given extra time to unite the nation and merit Jerusalem and Israel–otherwise, it’ll be exiled again.

From Twitter, 5/25/17

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Jerusalem Day

laitman_961Fifty years have passed since the liberation of Jerusalem. Why is the city still “in chains” then?

Even 50 years after the liberation of Jerusalem, it is still, as it has always been, the center of the world. There is tension between Israel and Turkey since Erdogan’s call to Muslims to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque in masses in order to support the Palestinians’ struggle and not allow Jerusalem to become the capital of the Jewish state.

The suggestion of American president Donald Trump to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might undermine the already shaky sense of security even more. The city that is holy to the three religions and in whose heart the Wailing Wall is located was and still is a disputed territory.

There are those who consider the victory won in the Six Days War as the final phase of the return home of the nation of Israel, and there are those who see it as the beginning of the political tragedy of the State of Israel.

Still, at the moment of truth, we were all deeply moved and our eyes filled with tears as everyone felt a great relief when we received proof that we can indeed protect ourselves, which has always been doubtful until that war.

It is only when we feel a threat from the outside that we become a bit closer to each other; we forget all our differences and look for shelter that can unite us, like a herd of sheep escaping from a wolf. But this is not how a nation is formed. This is not how a dream is revived from ashes; this is not how the chosen people should behave.

Nothing is solved by a wave of a magic wand. Our practical experience proves that no political decisions, no life under constant pressure can be the remedy for the nation of Israel.

The unbearable situation we live in today, under endless pressures from within and from beyond the borders of our state, including the growing anti-Semitism, puts us facing the fact that the solution is somewhere else. It isn’t in external actions while society is deeply divided, but first of all in the correction of the relations between us.

We will not be able to establish a healthy system of mutual relations with any nation or state unless we first heal the mutual connections between us. This is the law of nature that operates on the nations of Israel; “Love thy friend as thyself” is the first law. Only after we fulfill it will we be able to reach peace with all our external enemies.

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When You Make A Loan To Your Neighbor…

laitman_622_01Torah, Deuteronomy 24:10 – 24:11: When you lend your fellow [Jew] any item, you shall not enter his home to take his security. You shall stand outside, and the man to whom you are extending the loan shall bring the security to you outside.

The Torah is not speaking about humane interactions between people, instructing you not to enter the house of a person to whom you are making a loan to avoid showing him that you are in charge of the situation, that he owes you. It is not talking about corporeal actions.

To lend means giving forces to egoistic desires in order to allow them to be used for altruistic purposes later.

Entering a house means uniting with the egoistic desire. However, it has to come out and give you that which allows it to be attached to you. Therefore, you have no right to enter the house of the person to whom you are making a loan because then you might be influenced by his egoism since you would be entering his Kli or vessel, his desire, his four phases. The interaction needs to be purely external, and you must take back the loan without a pledge and without interest.

It is written, “stay outside,” where outside refers to property.

There is a distinction between private and public property (such as public squares and streets). Yards are a type of property that belong to several households. There are also properties such as fields that are beyond the city borders but still belong to a particular owner.

There are also properties that do not belong to anyone, meaning that they belong to the public. There are properties that belong to the Cohens (priests), meaning the Temple, and so on. In other words, everything has been appropriated because it all has a spiritual root. The tractate “Shabbat” in the Talmud speaks about this.

This is how our inner world is divided, and thus we see it that way on the outside. In reality, there is no external world—it’s only how we perceive it. If we correct ourselves, we will gradually discover that this is the world where we exist externally as well.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/31/16

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Epilogue To The Holocaust Memorial Day, Part 5

laitman_431_05Question: Why did such a tragic event of unprecedented scale, which caused the death of six million people, happen in Germany of all places? How could this happen?

Answer: It happened because we had evolved to a state where we had to rebuild ourselves from the shattering to correct ourselves and all of humanity. But we were not doing this, and as a result, individual outbursts of hatred concentrated in such a severe global blow.

If a small fuse blows out and I do not change it, then a big system will burn out. If I don’t fix it, the entire network burns out. And I wonder how can this be? A small fuse broke, and suddenly everything burnt down?

Question: If the Holocaust were a legitimate result of development according to the laws of nature, then why did it end, even though the people of Israel did not begin to implement Baal HaSulam’s method?

Answer: We had to intervene in the work of the laws of nature and make up for it with our own work. We did not do it, so the Holocaust erupted. This stage realized itself in this form and expired.

We did not fulfill the correction that needed to be fulfilled in the 30’s and 40’s. Baal HaSulam called all the Jews of Poland to go to Israel, but they did not listen to him. They stayed where they were and all died.

The correction that was supposed to be made was not carried out voluntarily in a good way, and therefore, was realized as the Holocaust by Gevurot (judgment) instead of Hassadim (mercy).That was the end of the stage, and now we are at another stage, which is in the process of development.

Today we again have the opportunity that Baal HaSulam spoke about; we can build the corrected society and set an example to the world on the land of Israel, in the State of Israel. After all, who is “Israel”? It is the people who must serve as an example to all of humanity, because the people of Israel consists of two parts: the desires of the nations of the world and the spark.

Of all the ancient Babylonians, that is, of all humanity, Abraham chose only those who had sparks of light inside, and gathered them into a group. Therefore, in every Jew there is a part that relates to the nations of the world, and a spark. This means that the people of Israel originally consisted of representatives of all the nations of the world.

Inside Israel there are all the 70 nations. That is, now it represents a mini-humanity, which includes representatives of all nations and a spark. If we bring all these sparks together, we can advance toward the Creator. If we give up on these sparks, they hide inside the 70 nations of the world, which are inside Israel, and the Jews become as egoistic as everybody else and even worse.

After all, the sparks awaken even more egoistic desires inside us than in the nations of the world. This is exactly what is happening now. But we have an opportunity to use the sparks and bring correction to the world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/17, Lesson on Topic: “Holocaust Memorial Day”

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How Can We Keep The Family United?

laitman_623Question: Can you give some advice according to the wisdom of Kabbalah as to how we can keep the family united?

Answer: My advice to a married couple is: have children and agree that divorce is not an option. The couple should try to get along with each other.

We are living in hard times where each of us experiences difficult problems. All this must be accepted since we cannot change it. No matter how much we promise ourselves and others to be good and nice, this evaporates very quickly because we have no control over ourselves.

The family should be a strong cell that can clearly be called indestructible despite everything. Children should feel that they have a mother and a father that they can turn to, that they have a family.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Men And Women: Being Content With One’s Lot

Laitman_049_01Comment: I wouldn’t like to be a man in any of my other lives. This would be the greatest punishment for me! We see that everything is based on women, and a man is an eternal child.

A woman is basically smarter; she is both a mother and a leader. She is responsible, serious, peaceful, and hard working, and she has many qualities that are simply not developed enough or are lacking in a man.

My Response: I believe that what you say indicates your lack of understanding because you feel flawed in your female image and form. It is as if you are condemning the Creator for having created men like that.

A self-sufficient person is filled spiritually, has a goal, and tries to move toward it correctly; in this one has no calculation with the other sex. One simply advances.

As the saying goes: “Be content with one’s lot.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Why Unite Egoists?

laitman_939_01Question: Why unite the egoists? After all, this is the origin of all evil.

Answer: In no way do we unite egoists. We unite only people who have a point in the heart in small groups. These are people who are ready to search for the meaning of life and sacrifice their time and effort to find it because without an understanding of the meaning of life it is bad for them.

We attract people like these, create small circles with them called a “group of ten,” and give them a method that helps them to nullify themselves within the groups of ten and to unite in such a way that they will begin to feel the Creator among them.

The group of ten is a sensor, a new spiritual sense, within which they can feel the characteristic of bestowal and love, which is called the Creator.

We don’t agitate or force anyone else. The only thing that we want is to give them the knowledge that our entire problem and that of the world is the lack of unity.

We don’t talk with them about the upper world and about the higher power; we simply explain that they must organize themselves correctly, and then the world will become better. Otherwise, people in the world will begin to annihilate each other.

We try to create groups of ten from people who are interested in discovering and knowing the meaning of life and attaining it. And we gather the rest of the people in good social settings to gradually teach them how to search for and find good everyday conditions in these communities. No more than this, because a spiritual desire has not been born in them yet.

Those in whom a desire for spirituality has already appeared, meaning that they already feel the point in the heart, should come to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.26.17

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Lesson on the Topic: “Preparation for Receiving the Torah”  

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Giving of the Torah,” Item 5

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