Why Unite Egoists?

laitman_939_01Question: Why unite the egoists? After all, this is the origin of all evil.

Answer: In no way do we unite egoists. We unite only people who have a point in the heart in small groups. These are people who are ready to search for the meaning of life and sacrifice their time and effort to find it because without an understanding of the meaning of life it is bad for them.

We attract people like these, create small circles with them called a “group of ten,” and give them a method that helps them to nullify themselves within the groups of ten and to unite in such a way that they will begin to feel the Creator among them.

The group of ten is a sensor, a new spiritual sense, within which they can feel the characteristic of bestowal and love, which is called the Creator.

We don’t agitate or force anyone else. The only thing that we want is to give them the knowledge that our entire problem and that of the world is the lack of unity.

We don’t talk with them about the upper world and about the higher power; we simply explain that they must organize themselves correctly, and then the world will become better. Otherwise, people in the world will begin to annihilate each other.

We try to create groups of ten from people who are interested in discovering and knowing the meaning of life and attaining it. And we gather the rest of the people in good social settings to gradually teach them how to search for and find good everyday conditions in these communities. No more than this, because a spiritual desire has not been born in them yet.

Those in whom a desire for spirituality has already appeared, meaning that they already feel the point in the heart, should come to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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