A Happy Family In A Parallel Universe

laitman_766_2Question: How can we establish peace in the family?

Answer: There is only one recipe for that. Each person must rise above their own egoism in order to establish peace in the family and in the home. Then, we will have the feeling of a higher existence.

A person should feel that society notices and condemns his family quarrels. Society should support a person in his effort to strengthen the family because the opinion of the environment affects a person so much so that he is incapable of going against it.

When we stop ourselves in the moment of anger, we gain something so precious that it is worth restraining oneself for. The profit is too great.

In the same way that we hold back our dissatisfaction at work in front of our boss, fearing being fired, similarly, we should contain ourselves at home. However, it will not require effort from us. We will not bottle up this anger inside, clenching our teeth and threatening to explode.

The general public opinion will support such an atmosphere so that everyone will feel how unacceptable it is to be irritated and pour one’s wrath on others. We will live differently, according to completely different laws, joyfully and calmly, like on vacation.

All arguments, competition, and screaming at the kids will stop. It even will not be necessary to talk about it. It simply will permeate the atmosphere as a generally accepted behavior, and thus will influence everyone.

Question: You are talking about some parallel universe with a completely different sense of life.

Answer: You can say that we will find ourselves in a future world where the force of love and bestowal reigns, and each will add to this force of love, yearning to preserve it.

There are many more worthwhile pursuits than scandals. People are tired of this life and dream of changing it. They do not know what to do. All that is left is divorce and escape. No way out of this dead end is in sight, and I am offering a wonderful, balanced, and easy way out.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/15/15

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