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laitman_932Question: Music is a meaningful part of our lives. They say that music is a universal language that doesn’t require words. It is stronger than words and penetrates directly into the heart; it opens hearts and connects people. So what is music?

Answer: Music is a language that can express the deepest inner feelings of a person. It can excite and elevate a person, change a mood and the direction of thought.

Music can transport us from one place to another, depending on its style. According to a few sounds or chords we already feel where it comes from: is this European, Indian, or South American music?

In the United States national styles of music from all over the world became mixed together, producing a kind of musical “salad” that has spread all over the world because it is suitable for most of humanity.

Music immediately arouses memories in a person and produces special feelings in him. Words penetrate into us through the mind, and we are compelled to activate a mechanism of comparison, memory. And music, in contrast, immediately takes the emotion out of memory and awakens it within us, whether we want it or not. It penetrates into a person without asking permission.

Music connects us with the surrounding conditions in which it is heard: with time, space, movement and events; all of this is immediately awakened in our memory together with the sounds that we hear. Music is the world and everything that fills it.

All of our senses, other than sight and hearing, are very meager, as if they were undeveloped. Even though the sense of smell has very great significance; it developed in us when we were still living in the trees. When we came down from the trees and became humans, we began to be involved with all kinds of work that isn’t typical of animals and we spoiled our sense of smell.

Our sense of taste was also spoiled because we are no longer animals. There was a time when according to smell and taste we could distinguish what nourishment was appropriate for us and what wasn’t. But today we are no longer able to do this. We create many food products with tastes and smells that attract us; however, in fact, they are poison for us.

Even the sense of touch has limited possibilities and confuses us too much. We have stopped living in an environment of natural simple things that are appropriate to our nature. We create so many artificial products and phenomena that confuse our sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste so that there is nothing true in them that we can trust.

But from the great variety of sounds that we hear, music impresses us to the greatest degree. Only the crying of a baby or a siren that immediately arouses us is stronger than music.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/27/14

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