The Music Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we picture to ourselves an ideal state: a general vessel (desire), connection?

Answer: We are all interconnected. When the very first connection is revealed between us, it means that all of us, no matter how many of us there are—billions or millions, reveal 10 Sefirot between ourselves. Such is the structure of the system.

And then, these 10 Sefirot begin to vibrate and generate sounds, as if strings of a guitar. They are in constant movement, in harmonious relationships with one another. Not a single sound is out of tune from the general harmony.

This entire system reveals to us more and more perfect 10 Sefirot. Besides, they become increasingly clearer to us in their various kinds. These various forms that become revealed to us appear because each individual Sefira consists of its own 10 Sefirot.

And when all these inner 10 Sefirot that comprise the 10 main Sefirot also start interacting between themselves, generating the upper harmonies of the main waves, as if in music or voice, they create the entire impression, transmitting inside all information about the vessels and the Light that fulfills them.

Different Lights are essentially impressions inside all these desires, experienced from the connection of singing strings, from the emerging chords. All this music is what revelation is.

Everything is inside the vessel. The sound is felt inside our desires, organs of perception, it doesn’t exist by itself in the air. The music of the Light is always revealed as the inner filling of the letters (the matrixes of desires), existing inside other letters. The Light manifests only inside the vessel, or desire, as a result of its changes.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/2012, The Zohar 

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