A Decisive Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What goals are in front of us regarding dissemination in the world? We see how people are suffering in many countries. How can we help them?

Answer: The truth is that there are people among us who believe that since the world doesn’t hear us yet, it’s better to wait: Let them suffer some more and then we’ll start disseminating after they already understand the essence of suffering. Such an attitude toward humanity does not stem from love.

We need to try, at all costs, to convey at least something to the people, wherever and whomever they may be, and to mitigate any of their sufferings.

The year ahead will be very intense. We await many different changes in the world. There are the re-elections of various people in power, and although very little actually depends on them, it still has great significance. The world is undergoing major shake-ups.

The contract with the federal monetary system in America, which prints money, is coming to an end. And who knows what will happen next. In other words, the world is facing very serious developments on the material level.

Naturally, all these events are concentrated in this way under the influence of the Light, and this speaks to the fact that today we can implement very powerful changes since something new is always born out of such contrast.

In addition, we’re going through tremendous changes between us, within us, and in our relationship to the world. Everything depends on how effectively we use the amazing possibilities given to us from above. Everything that we want is there; just do it and you will succeed. Everything depends only on us.

But overall, this is a decisive year. This year, we are forming the spiritual system of the world together—the correction of the world in accordance with the laws of nature.

We need to work in collaboration with scientists, politicians, and respected people who agree with us regarding everything concerning the problems of our world. We need to gather all of it together into a single system that could appeal to the world and to start to systematically promote it, to arrange it in its proper place, through UNESCO, the UN, and governments.

There is a vast field of activity before us. Stop paying attention to small problems; try to rise above them because the Creator “slips them in” for you in order to elevate you.

Don’t forget about that.

We need to quickly finalize the development of the integral education and upbringing method and offer it to humanity. By the end of the year, new problems will emerge in the world: unemployment, confusion, and ruin. The world will have a need for our method, which on top of everything else, is essentially free and easily implemented, and requires no extra costs.

Usually, if there are major changes in society, it requires decades and billions of dollars in investment: and here, almost nothing. If we have the Internet, television, clubs, and volunteers, then everything will move along. In just a few weeks we will feel how people are changing. And we don’t need anything else. Enormous resources are liberated, and the world becomes kind, friendly, and bright.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/25/12, Lesson 5

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