The World Of Ein Sof (Infinity) In A Child’s Perception

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen a person begins to stabilize himself with regard to the Creator, he sees that all the reality that he feels is inside him, including the group and all of humanity. All of creation, everything, takes place in his desire to receive. Except for this desire there is only the Creator.

While reading The Zohar, we discover different states that exist in our desire to receive that are more bestowal oriented and are aimed at the Creator.

First, our desires are totally separated and dispersed: all the inanimate, the vegetative, the animate and the human levels of nature. This is how a person perceives reality. But gradually we begin to see that the system is more organized, more integral, and closed. We even feel that it pressures us and that it is totally in mutual connections.

So there are two processes here, one approaching the other. A person discovers and realizes more as he develops. On the other hand, the system itself seems to be more stabilized externally, to be connected with all its parts, and to pressure us so that we will begins to perceive it as unified and closed. This means that at the same time there is both an “awakening from below” and an “awakening from Above.”

There are two ways we can develop, by the “way of the Torah” or “by suffering.” By the Torah, we advance as we hasten ourselves, trying to discover the system as more round and mutually connected, and by that we can understand the upper force, the Upper Providence.

But the system shows us that it is one organic and connected body that pressures us by these connections, making our life more difficult. We have to try to perceive reality only as one system, no matter what, through which the upper force wants to be revealed to us. The Creator is waiting to dress Himself in this system and to fill it according to the equivalence of form.

The Zohar describes very high and advanced states, but when we read about them, we lower them to our level, just like children with their naïve perception of the world. A smart grown-up understands the internal connection between things, what stems from what, and how everything is arranged, while a child looks at the same thing and sees the world differently, by perceiving only a narrow part of reality.

The Zohar too, reveals all of reality to us, but we perceive only a very small part of it. But each time when we try to stabilize our internal world according to what The Zohar tells us, by our efforts and our attempts to discern where all the attributes that are described by The Zohar (the “inanimate,” “vegetative,” “animate” and “speaking) are inside us, we advance.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/12, The Zohar

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