The New Face Of The City And Family

Laitman_201_01Question: What laws should there be in the correct society and family?

Answer: The laws of equality, total participation, unity, and reciprocity. All that we want to see in our family is necessary to take and teach these laws to the whole nation.

Everyone must accept them and understand that if the entire nation cannot live according to these laws, then no family will be able to live happily, neither the richest nor the poorest.

The general and particular are equal, so if we want our family to live well, it is necessary to establish good relations in the society. And then society will maintain peace in every family. That’s the secret of a happy family.

Question: But I bring to the family in the evening all my complaints that have accumulated over the workday, all my quarrels with co-workers.

Answer: With whom can I quarrel at work if we all are one family and care for each other? I will see around myself only good examples and feel that everyone is a brother.

This will be tomorrow’s world if today we start to learn how to build it. And it is not difficult at all. A person gets up in the morning and watches a 15-minute talk on TV about correct relations. It is interesting, an enjoyable program, which he watches with pleasure because he understands that it benefits himself, the children, and the whole family.

He comes to work, and the first half an hour of the day is a workshop in the circle about correct relations between people. Only then they start to work. In the middle of the day, there is again a workshop. We come to nothing good without education for the entire nation.

At the end of the day he is taught how he should behave on the road, coming back home and how to behave at home. At home, his family members who have also received the same education are waiting for him. Everyone studies how to establish good relations with each other. After all, by this we gain a sense of higher existence, as if we found ourselves on the cloud.

It heals all our sores, strengthens the bond between parents and children, relationships with neighbors, and changes the face of our city and region. No one is afraid to let their children go to the street because every passerby will treat them as his own child. But to achieve this, everyone must be constantly learning.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/15/15

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