Deepening Our Desires

laitman_744In the corporeal world there are objects that match the spiritual categories of body, clothing, a home, and a yard and everything that stems from this including the world around us and the universe. All this is included in our desires because it is in them that we attain the world.

If I did not have any desires, I would not see what is around me. There are many objects, forces, and attributes in our world that I don’t feel since they are not part of my desires.

Physicists today say that there is grey matter, dark matter, etc. But we don’t see or feel it. Instead we simply begin to feel that a certain phenomenon exits because it influences the forces of gravity between the stars and the planets. This means that it is somehow revealed, not openly but indirectly.

We only feel the outcome of the effect of these forces and objects and don’t even know exactly what they are and whether these are objects or forces. It is because our desires are not developed yet and are not fully revealed, just like a child who doesn’t know or understand anything at first. His desire develops gradually and he begins to see, understand, and feel. Otherwise, it is impossible to demand anything from him. This is upbringing.

In other words, upbringing is the expansion and the deepening of the desires. To the extent that I deepen them, I begin to see, understand, and recognize how something should be done. Otherwise everything seems unfounded: I am told something, but I don’t understand since, like a kid, I cannot find the matching feelings and definitions in me.

Everyone has all the desires until infinity, but we have no idea what! Therefore we have to develop them inside us and accordingly we will understand and feel the world and see how we should change it.

Changing the world means changing our desires until we feel the real creation in them, until this creation will merge into one white Light.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/20/14

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