66 Years Of Waiting With Hope For A New World

laitman_944Question: Do you want to say that the world is sorry that it gave the Jews the opportunity to establish the independent nation of Israel on this land, and it supposes that this was a mistake? What does it expect from us?

Answer: The idea here is not the Arab-Israeli conflict that has developed only in the last few decades. Anti-Semitism has existed for thousands of years. What are the claims of the nations of the world regarding Israel? Anti-Semites say that the Jews cause all the evil around the world.

What is unique about these small people, which hardly numbers 15 million? What makes it so strong and unique that it would be capable of harming billions of people?

Anti-Semitism has spread to such a degree that even South Korea has a fierce hatred of Israel and it has never had any relations with Israel before. This is a developed and rich nation with a Western lifestyle, culture, and education, but in spite of it all, it ranks first in the world for its anti-Semitism. There is no logical explanation for this.

That is, a natural hatred of the nations of the world towards the people of Israel and in general regarding all Jews exists. They relate to them as aliens that have arrived from another planet, not from this world, that cause damage to the world. The nations of the world think that if the Jews didn’t exist things would be better.

But on the other hand, it is possible to say that if the Jews cause all the evil in the world, this is a sign that they can bring good, can be  a good factor for the development of humanity! With this hope they agreed to transfer this land to us in 1948. Since then, 66 years have passed, and the nations of the world have given up waiting for us to carry out our mission. As a result, even our former allies are relating to us with increasing hostility.

It is thought that the nations of the world agreed to establish the nation of Israel as atonement and forgiveness for the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of six million Jews. However, in fact, this is not the true reason. The true reason is that the nations of the world hoped that the people of Israel, found on the land of Israel, would bring benefit to the whole world, would bring Light to the world, meaning a good and unique power.

This power of goodness should melt the ice, the unfounded hatred that separates all of us, the ego that stands between us. Instead of a negative power, a positive power must come to the world. People will suddenly begin to smile, relate to each other with goodness and kindness. And this will not just be an external mask of kindness for the sake of personal greed; rather, a truly good atmosphere should prevail, as in a loving family.

Israel could do this, but isn’t doing it; instead it behaves even worse than all of them; it is showing a bad example to the whole world. As long as the Jews were scattered among the other nations they lived more or less amicably and helped each other. Whereas in Israel there isn’t such a sense of mutual help: Each community doesn’t like the others and makes fun of them. See how we behave on the highways, which programs are broadcast on television: We only criticize and ridicule each other.

There is competition in everything; there is no mutual support. We are the most fervent capitalists of all the nations who hate each other.

Question: So then the nations of the world don’t hate us because of the conflict with the Arabs?

Answer: It is absolutely not because of this. The nations of the world want Israel to serve as an example of good relationships between people.

Question: Relationships between Israel and the Palestinians?

Answer: They want us to serve as an example of good relationships between the Jews themselves! After all, only on condition that we give the whole world an example of good and true mutual relationships can the world emerge from the crisis.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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