Why Have We Returned To This Land?

laitman_749_01Question: Israelis are used to living in a state of war and terror, with an intifada that has been going on for years. Our situation today is especially alarming and there is a feeling that we have lost any hope of solving the current crisis. Even if we manage to reach a ceasefire it will only be a brief respite.

There is a feeling that we are living in a movie that repeats itself time and time again: another military operation, and everything repeats in a tougher version. There is no sign of hope. How do you see the situation in Israel, its causes and solution?

Answer: The Israelis themselves are the reason for this situation. Arabs were living peacefully on this land and we came here and started this conflict. That is the reason: the Jews who came to the land of Israel.

The Arabs don’t think that this is the land of Israel and claim that it belongs to them. They say: “You can’t take into account what happened here two thousand years ago. What proof do you have that this land belonged to you two thousand years ago? We have been living here form many generations and suddenly you come and demand it back. If you have been treated badly somewhere else it is no reason to cast us out of here!”

These arguments make sense. If we claim that we are the Israeli nation, who declared the foundation of the state of Israel in this land, we need to bring arguments that everyone will agree with. The fact that our forefathers lived in this land two thousand years ago is not the reason. The state of Israel will be recognized only if we have come here to do good to everyone, to the whole world, and this is what all of humanity needs.

They will agree with us only if we can prove to our Arab neighbors who lived here, to the Jews themselves, and to all the nations of the world that we have settled in this land in order to fulfill our special role that the whole world needs. Even if people don’t understand this yet, we have to explain this to them.

If everyone realizes that our existence in this area is justified, the world will support us. Even if someone doesn’t want us here, our return to this place for a sublime cause will be justified and it isn’t that we simply came here to throw out those who lived here before us.

Interestingly, in 1948, when there was the declaration of the state of Israel, it received the support of most of the nations. They thought that they were doing a good thing and hoped that the nation of Israel in the land of Israel would be a special phenomenon. Until recently many people still supported us, but they don’t do so anymore.

After 66 years of existence of the independent state of Israel, the whole world has ceased to support the state of Israel and believes this state hasn’t justified its existence and hasn’t fulfilled the hope that everyone had in it. Once again the nations of the world claim that the Israeli nation causes great harm to the whole world. In other words, they want to say that they expect us to do good things for the whole world.

Thus they declare that they depend on Israel and consider it the most important factor in all of human history and especially in our times when we are in a global crisis and no one knows where to go from here.

Consequently a new wave of anti-Semitism, of hatred for the state of Israel and for the Jewish people, is rising again. The world is declaring that Israel in its current form is undesirable because it causes great harm.

We should understand what harm we are causing in the world because we want to be like all the other nations and to treat everyone well. We bring the world knowledge and inventions and we are ready to give more than any other nation.

Israel is one of the most humanitarian countries in the world, which provides assistance to its enemies and takes care of them in its hospitals. But the nations of the world don’t accept that and don’t consider any humanitarian aid that we give as a positive thing. Apparently they expect something totally different from us.

It is like a small child who tries to behave nicely but doesn’t want to study or to go to school. No matter how nicely he behaves at home, his parents are not happy with him since there is something else that he has to achieve and he doesn’t want to.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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