Back To Our Roots

laitman_229Just as healthy people can be infected by others, so can each of us be infected by another person and use his ego incorrectly instead of correcting and healing it.

We see how this happens every day when the media are manipulating people and bombarding us with different viruses and we swallow the bait and then infect one another by it.

Every paper is owned by a tycoon who is linked to a political movement. Everyone is under the supervision of higher officials and it is the same all the way to the top while we have no idea who is behind presidents, banks, etc. People may not really understand that they are doing something wrong, but they have no choice. There is nothing we can do about it. This system operates like leprosy and infects the whole world.

Question: Can it be healed?

Answer: Of course! Eventually everything will reach the end of correction and perfect harmony, but we want it to happen quickly and smoothly. Swallow a pill and get well! It is the same in spirituality. You join a healthy society and get the right treatment from them and get well!

The problem is that all the people in the world and especially those who are at the top have realized that there is no other way and that this is the only way. They are already very close to realizing that there are ways to learn how to advance along this path.

There is nothing but that. A step to the left, a step to the right and we sink into great afflictions, both generally and privately. Even the reduction of the world population from seven or eight billion people to one billion people will not solve the problem. It would be useless because new problems will arise. It will also be useless to keep on working in order to increase the number of zeros in the bank because we print money and understand how useless it is.

Therefore the ideology of our leaders should gradually change internally. This has already started. Today everything is advancing very quickly since we are all in a closed space, in one system. What happens to the masses will eventually happen to the top. There is nowhere to hide! The only problem is the lack of cooperation between people, the lack of mutual bestowal and balance.

We should attain the correction not by a dramatic act of healing but in a light and quick matter, by understanding that we have to reach one thing: finding the best way to develop in the right direction with the revelation of our freewill.

We are already developing, implementing, and disseminating this method to the masses so that it will reach them gradually. In the meantime it is very difficult to offer it directly because we are speaking about a spiritual way in which everyone is equal; each one is different and everyone is equal. How can this be done? We have to expose the masses to integral education. The rebuilding of a person is the rebuilding of the whole society.

It is said: “Be gentle with the sons of poor people since the Torah will come from them.” If a person is poor, which means that he feels that he has nothing and he has to discover the meaning of life, he will succeed. We have to disseminate the idea of integral education here in Israel. We may need to reach those at the top somehow and convince the leaders that this should actually be the internal political direction and the internal ideology of the people. In fact we are returning to our roots.

This doesn’t contradict Zionism and socialism! In fact we can unite all the policies and all the streams around our ideology and no one will object to it. Of course, anyone can say that is just like what he has to offer since everyone wants to show off with mutual love, bestowal, and connection. But where are they all? Does anyone have a clear method and a way to implement it? We don’t see it despite all the nice promises our leaders make. They reach the government and they have the means, but what’s next? Eventually they also sink into the same swamp.

Therefore, we have to present our method in actions and then people will see that these aren’t just promises like all the other leaders make when they speak nicely but do not keep their promises.

The difference is that we present the way to implement the method by an example of a certain city, and say that the same can be done throughout the country. See our statistics compared to other areas in the country. These are not just empty declarations of those running for the government positions.

I believe in setting a personal example, which is the proof of what can be done in our country. Then the people will vote correctly, meaning for an ideology of correction and connection between people. This will really correct, connect, protect, and raise us to the next level in which we will have to be a light unto the nations. Just as a small town in Israel can be an example for the whole country, and our country should become an example for the whole world.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/19/14

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