In The Force Field Of Mercy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From what material can we build the spiritual vessel among us?

Answer: Our vessel is the connection among us. We are not the vessels, but the negative particles by which we have to push ourselves. I have to push myself from myself, my “self” towards the friend. My soul is in the contact that is formed between us.

In The Force Field Of Mercy
The friend does the same for me and the spiritual revelation takes place between us. The whole area between us is our spiritual vessel. We are only the negative particles which there is no need for any more; it’s our ego above which we have built the vessel of bestowal.

But we have built this vessel outside the ego; it’s made of our mutual Returning Light, mine and the friend’s. A spiritual phenomenon is revealed inside this vessel, in this field of our mutual efforts, the Direct Light is revealed in the Returning Light.

I am only the body of the spiritual Partzuf, and above me I build a “head” in which all of the Returning Light and the Direct Light is revealed. Of course we need a “body” above which we build the “head.” But the main thing is the “head” that already symbolizes the human level; there is an additional account here.

So our mission is to create this mutual field and to fill the space between us with the Returning Light, with bestowal. Then according to the level of bestowal, the level of the Returning Light, Hassadim, with which I fill the world, the Creator is gradually revealed. This is in the same vessels that now seem to me as strangers deliberately so that I have to exert myself to bestow upon them.

Imagine what the world would seem to you if you saw all of humanity as your own children, could you work independently? No you couldn’t. You can’t treat your own child as a stranger, and especially cannot hate him. But if you try to treat the friends as your own children, your efforts will bring you the spiritual feeling. This is why we were given the commandment: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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