The Evidence Of Virginity

laitman_549_02Torah, Deuteronomy 22:16 – 22:17: And the girl’s father shall say to the elders, “I gave my daughter to this man as a wife, and he despised her; and behold, he made libelous charges, saying, ‘I did not find evidence of your daughter’s virginity.’ But this is the evidence of my daughter’s virginity!’

The “evidence of virginity” are personal desires of a person. He wants to abandon them, doesn’t want to correct anything, and says that they are not his.

He isn’t going to live with this woman and to give birth to her offspring; in other words, he doesn’t accept either her or the fact that he can create something together with her. This is because it is impossible to correct such egoism.

We see this on clear examples from our practice. The Torah describes states that everyone undergoes on his individual path. A person sometimes reveals such egoistic lowland in him that he can do nothing with.

Many of us keep going, yet many will “fall” and leave. Others will come instead of them, and this way the caravan is gradually moving forward.

Torah, Deuteronomy 22:17 – 22:18: And they shall spread the garment before the elders of the city. Then, the elders of that city shall take the man and chasten him.

A person should feel suffering from the fact that he wants to give up the curing of his egoism. Without it, he won’t want to rise because suffering helps him agree to the correction. And in this way he is driven to happiness by the “stick.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/5/16

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