Impossible Yet Necessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On the one hand, a person cannot get rid of his egoistic nature—the upper force carries this out. On the other hand, you say that a person is not given something that he is unable to do.

Answer: A person, as in mathematics, is given a condition that this is impossible yet necessary. Here, a natural question arises: “How?” If we cannot do anything yet the correction is compulsory, then it is impossible to avoid it either.

The solution is to use the wisdom of  Kabbalah to attract the force that would change us, instead of us changing ourselves! For this reason, Kabbalah was given to humanity.

Certainly, we are not able to exit our egoistic nature that forces us to think only of ourselves and of no one else. Whether we do so subconsciously or consciously, this is still the only thing that exists in us.

However, we can attract upon ourselves a special force called the Torah, or the upper Light, the property of love and bestowal, that will transform us.

Today we are beginning to see from our own mistakes that we, like dogs, are chasing our own tails, unable to do anything with ourselves and the world. We can only raise our hands and surrender ourselves to the mercy of the flow of evolution: Whatever happens, happens.

Judging by the number of people suffering from depression, drug use, and all other parameters, a larger portion of humanity is beginning to realize that it is in a state of despair. And now something must be done.

The only solution is for us to raise above ourselves. This can only be done with the help of the upper force. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the method for revealing it.

When everyone realizes that this is the only way out of a dead end, we will succeed.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/5/16

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