Decriminalizing Marijuana

laitman_566_02In the News (Reuters): “The Israeli government voted on Sunday in favor of decriminalizing recreational marijuana use, joining some U.S. states and European countries who have adopted a similar approach.

“’On the one hand we are opening ourselves up to the future. On the other hand, we understand the dangers and will try to balance the two,’ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet in broadcast remarks.

“According to the new policy, which must still be ratified by parliament, people caught smoking marijuana would be fined rather than arrested and prosecuted. Criminal procedures would be launched only against those caught repeatedly with the drug.

Question: Will people gradually stop smoking and kick this habit as a result?

Answer: I don’t see this. This is possible only if they receive such internal satisfaction that they will not need these things.

Question: What do you think brings a person to smoke more? Is it the pain he feels because everything around him is pressuring him or is it because he wants to receive pleasure?

Answer: Many factors are involved here. A person is pressured by both pleasure and lack of pleasure. Besides, the forbidden fruit is much sweeter. If it isn’t forbidden any more, we can do something about it. What do we do about smoking? A serious widespread campaign all over the world has brought the decline in the number of cigarette smokers.

In the past, it was common to smoke on the streets , and today you can hardly see anyone doing that.

Question: Does that mean that you think we can cope with marijuana smoking?

Answer: Everything will gradually go back to the way it was. We just have to do it correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/8/17

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