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Answers To Your Questions, Part 167

Laitman_709Question: I listen to and read your lectures with great pleasure. I notice many things that are related to what you say, but there are things that remain unclear.

You often say that we, (mankind) are now living on a low egoistic level, with which I totally agree, and that in order to change the situation, the Creator is pushing us toward comprehensive unity or toward what we call globalization.

You explain this by saying that life itself, or nature, is leading us toward this unity, but if we look at nature itself, I don’t see that animals live together, on the contrary, wolves live with wolves, sheep with sheep, but not in common.

We are not animals, of course, but we can look at the story of the Tower of Babel where the Creator himself caused the divisiveness between people. It seems that there are many examples where the Creator and nature have led to divisiveness, or more accurately perhaps, that He separated people from each other. What do you think about this?

Answer: The still, vegetative, and animate nature depend on the human level, and descend and ascend with it.

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Marriage In A Kabbalistic Sense

laitman_215Question: What is a wedding in a Kabbalistic sense?

Answer: In a Kabbalistic sense, the groom is always the Creator, and someone who devotes his desire to fulfillment through the Light of the Creator is the bride.

The desire must be corrected to a desire with an intention for the sake of bestowal. On the level of our world, this is manifested naturally in women: They want to provide warmth, care for a husband and children, for a family. In men, in principle, there is no such desire.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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A Day Of Spontaneous Kindness

laitman_594Comment: A day of spontaneous kindness was celebrated on the 17th of February. This day was first celebrated in the US and now it is also becoming popular in Europe. According to the organizers, you should try to be kind to everyone on that day. It isn’t just kindness but unlimited kindness without any shred of egoism.

My Response: First, this is impossible. Second, how can such actions be spontaneous if people know about them in advance?

You have to learn how to do that; you have to be prepared internally because you need some internal basis in order to wish good to someone else.

Question: What is the meaning of kindness? Why don’t people act according to it if it is such an important attribute?

Answer: A person cannot act out of kindness. Even those who act that way or in a similar manner cannot do good to someone spontaneously because all our actions stem from an internal egoistic calculation.

But if we begin to implement the method of Kabbalah, which will enable us to be connected with the upper force, we will be able to do good with its help. After all, this is above the ego, contrary to egoistic actions.

It is impossible to do that spontaneously. A person is an absolute egoist by nature and it says that the evil inclination is at the basis of his nature, so how can he do something for others? No way! Only if he deceives himself that he seemingly does something good for others, but eventually all of a person’s thoughts and intentions are focused only on what is good for his own sake.

Goodness is a state in which a person really wishes good to others and based on this, takes action. But if he seemingly does that for others, but doesn’t want to internally, if he doesn’t change his nature; he feels only a temporary relief that quickly passes.

Eventually everything turns to evil again. Therefore, it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We will not be able to do anything right, good, or real that can continue if at the same time, we don’t lock ourselves on the source of goodness, the upper Light. Then with the help of the upper source, we will be able to do good.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/6/17


#Passover — A Story Of Hebrews Who Wanted To Be Egyptians @JPostOpinion


From Twitter, 4/6/17

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What Happens In The Upper Worlds?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a Kabbalist, can you tell us what happens in the upper worlds?

Answer: To do that you must study, because it is impossible to explain the entire system of creation in a few words.

This is a very complex system. It explains how the higher energy built our universe, the planet Earth, us, and how we are moving in a gradual manner from the lowest world to the attainment of the higher worlds, how we are changed, and according to our changes, how we attain the upper world more and more.

Moreover, our attainment is built on greater and greater unity. The stronger our unity is beyond the ego, the clearer our feeling of the upper world is.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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Why Don’t We Study Kabbalah Alone?

laitman_942Question: Why don’t we study the wisdom of Kabbalah alone?

Answer: It is because the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the global structure of all of creation within which there are many worlds. Today, many scientists are writing that our universe consists of many universes.

We sense only one part, a corner, even just a slice, and see only a small part, like in a holographic image. To see the whole picture, we must have an integral vision that will grasp everything at all frequencies.

Actually, matter does not exist. We live in a field of forces. They say that if we take the nucleus of an atom and imagine that it is like a tennis ball, we would see that the electron is a football field away from it. What this means is that only emptiness exists around us. We are ourselves composed of emptiness. But what is most interesting is that in spite of the immense distances that exist even in the structure of the atom and within our entire structure on the material level of the still, vegetative, animate, and on the level of human consciousness, we connect with each other. The problem is that we do not feel the importance of this connection.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that all of creation is included within a single envelope that can be called a “round envelope.” Within that circle, there are five concentric worlds (having a common center). In the innermost central black point is where we are found. Our task is to see and feel these worlds and everything that is happening in them.

Nature developed for 14 billion years from the inanimate level to life on the face of the Earth in a consistent appearance first on the level of the vegetative, then on the animate level, and finally the human. We are presently found in the last stage of our development that amounts to the attainment of understanding, awareness, emotion, and discovery of all of creation, all the worlds.

To do this we must become like them. We must unite between us while we are found on the surface of this little ball.

Humanity must become one. Taking everyone as a sum or as an integral, all eight billion inhabitants of this planet must be as one single whole, one system.

We have nowhere to flee from this law of nature.


The question is how it will be possible to approach this. After all, this is a law that pushes us into a corner and creates all kinds of problems. Kabbalists say that if from the eight billion components, a small systematic structure composed of ten people can be made in which through their gathering in the center of the circle, they position themselves as a single whole, this single whole will begin to feel the next, deeper level of the world. In this way they will rise to a new level of discovery, attainment, feeling, acquiring their own power, their influence on the system.

With their ascent, their ego will be strengthened, let’s say tenfold. Again they will have to become as one, and after that again rise to the next level and again become as one because within them there is again a tenfold increase. That is how they ascend, constantly attaining the creation, the entire world.


If we study the Kabbalah this way, it will make it possible for us to attain and feel all of the worlds, becoming eternal and whole. It only depends on our attainment and not on anything else. The sole task of a person during his lifetime is to attain a state in which he feels all of creation as his. This sums up the entire task of a person in the physical world. He will then become eternal, like all the spiritual worlds, and he will feel that he exists in a state in which everything is driven only as a single whole.

By going outside of himself, he stops feeling all kinds of needs and unfulfilled desires, which he formerly felt as suffering, unfilled voids of his nature. He loses connection with the limitations of our world; he goes beyond its framework and begins to feel that he exists in all the worlds. He seems to become “spread” over the surface of all the worlds, and feels whole, complete, and absolutely eternal. This is what we need to achieve.

Adam discovered this method 5,777 years ago. Since then, Kabbalists have used it to reach the upper world. We hope that we will be lucky and accomplish the same thing.

It is precisely for this reason that it is impossible to study the wisdom of Kabbalah alone or as individuals. For example, ten friends gather, each of them is an ordinary person, meaning a healthy egoist who wants everything only for himself. Among them, they agree that they want to feel the upper world instead of our world.

We want to attract a good energy to ourselves, going beyond the limitations of our world, not seeing the approach of death, but to see creation as it truly is, eternal and perfect. How can this be done? It is possible through the same method that Kabbalists since Adam used.

To do this, we must rise above our egoism, which portrays a picture of the physical system for us. We must make an effort to direct ourselves toward the center, toward the place where the “self” disappears and only “we” exist. Through these efforts, with the help of the upper Light, a person becomes detached from himself (from the self) and approaches a shared connection we.


Question: At the same time, is the individuality of the person preserved?

Answer: It is, even more than today. The need to be concerned about yourself, your place, and everything material disappears. The moment you exit yourself and are included with others, you begin to feel we.

This gives a person a full picture of all of creation, because he exits his limitations. He lives outside of time, because when he existed in the material world, he measured everything according to the pulse; outside of space, because he measured everything only in relation to himself, and outside of the material, which was a desire only to constantly fill himself. You no longer think about that. You fly in the sky like a bird.

It is impossible to make this change alone; it is only possible with the help of what is called the surrounding Light (Ohr Makif), the upper Light that exists around us.

If we aim and aspire toward the center, to the degree of our effort, we attract the surrounding Light to ourselves and it goes with us.

We are then included in the entire system and one common central point emerges for us within which we attract the upper Light. Within us, the Light creates the characteristic of bestowal that helps us exit ourselves by connecting us together. We begin to feel the space that is outside of us and everything that is in it. This is the attainment of the upper world that happens in a group of ten.

If there is no group of ten, this can be done in a smaller group. But it cannot be done in a larger group. We don’t have the possibility of gathering more than a group of ten within our minds and feelings. That is how we were created.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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Men And Women’s Perception Of The World

laitman_543_02Question: Why do men and women perceive the world so differently? What is the point of this difference?

Answer: It is merely psychological and nothing more. Both are egoists. There is no difference in their perception except perhaps in physiological and psychological terms, but this has nothing to do with spirituality.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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Kabbalah Does Not Predict Anything

Laitman_065Question: Is The Book of Zohar considered to be prophecy? After all, it describes the future.

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t predict anything. It teaches a person how to achieve spiritual levels. When a person achieves this, everything that could apparently be called a prophecy becomes reality for him. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how it is possible to advance and live in another dimension now.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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New Life #835 – The Relationship Of Israel And The Peoples Of The World

New Life #835 – The Relationship Of Israel And The Peoples Of The World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


The right of the people of Israel to exist is only in contact and connection above differences!

The people of Israel are not a people like all the nations; they are a collection of representatives from all the nations that gathered around Abraham in Babylon and from there spread throughout the Earth.
From KabTV’s “New Life #835 – The Relationship Of Israel And The Peoples Of The World,” 3/7/17

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