My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/3/17


Cynical #politicians draft popular social legislation for self-promotion, then bury it themselves when the bill comes up for a vote.

The new manifests as a phantom and cannot be fathomed–after all, it is an altruistic level of development…

The state of universal #uncertainty in the world is deliberate–to show us that we’re NOT in control! So let’s stop pretending…

The notion that a country dies if its #economy stagnates is wrong! What you need isn’t growth but proper (on a need basis) distribution!

The UK should postpone negotiations re debt over #Brexit–soon the EU will itself start crumbling, and the UK will pay less in fees.

Xenophobia to all diasporas is on the rise everywhere! Without educating the nations to love, as Kabbalah proposes, we will have war.

World’s precarious state causes isolationist politics (#Trump’s “America first”)–the world is more interconnected, but people don’t want it

Like all empires that preceded it, the EU will disintegrate. Only the leadership of #EU benefit from it.

When Jews lose their connection, hatred and #anti-Semitism increase (full clip )

#Abraham seeded love for all people (Noam Elimelech)

When there is love and unity among the people of Israel no calamity can happen to them. (Maor VaShemesh) #QuoteoftheDay


As the Jews unite, the hatred toward them declines. (Full video: )



Why won’t Anti-Semitism go away? (Full video: )


Exodus—How We Became a Nation, and How We Stopped Being One @haaretzcom


From Twitter, 4/3/17

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