Dissolve Everything! Wipe Out All Debts!


In the News (New Direction): “Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP [member of the European Parliament] Vice President of New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform To The Honourable Wolfgang Schäuble, Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany and The Honourable Yanis Varoufakis, Minister of Finance of the Hellenic Republic:

“Due to the significance of the challenges facing the Greek government, I have resolved to address you personally. The Greek government is absolutely right in arguing both that austerity has had disastrous effects on Greece, and that debt write-off is necessary. The scale of damage to the social fabric of Greek society wrought by austerity has been vastly underreported in the Western media. As someone with a deep affinity for the cultural heritage of Greece, I find the state of economic misery in Athens – which I consider a humanitarian crisis – truly heart-breaking. …

“The membership in the European Monetary Union has turned out to be a trap for Greece.  The euro has been too strong a currency for Greece and austerity was never the right answer. The only way for Greece to return to the road of recovery is leaving the euro. The desperately needed devaluation would follow, which would need to be coupled with a debt write-off, so that the Greek economy could have a new start. Thus, the economic conditions for necessary reforms would finally emerge.

“In consequence, I would like to propose that Greece should be offered a write-off to its debts to Germany, if the Greek government decides that it is time to break the vicious cycle created by the European Monetary Union, and leave the euro. Greek society has suffered unimaginably, and does not deserve to endure any pain more for the sake of a failed monetary union.”

Answer: He is right that it will be better for them. The right tendency is beginning: all dissolving and wiping out all the debts. The problem is that many nations in the Eurozone have suffered greatly. In Latvia, the entire meat and dairy industry were destroyed by the ban on producing these products. In Portugal, the fishing industry was destroyed through a ban on fishing! This is in a nation that had been involved with only this for its entire existence.

As a result, these nations are in debt to the European community. If they are cut off from the common market now and are told, “That’s it, you are free! Starting tomorrow you will live the way you want!” What will they have to live on?

This applies to the small countries in the eurozone. And the remaining nations of the Eurozone, even if they don’t suffer economically, they will be very strongly harmed politically, socially, and internally.

A fundamental law is operating here. They must disperse to engage in the education of the peoples, and only then to unite together to the degree of their upbringing, which will give them an understanding of how to work among themselves in a common Europe, in a common house. This is the goal of the education.  

Question: So you are convinced that they will separate?

Answer: Yes, but I would want to be sure that this will not lead to war. There is a problem here because Trump doesn’t want to allocate money to strengthen NATO, but in order to keep the whole of Europe together, a common military organization is needed. But the United States doesn’t want to support it.

So, they need to think carefully about how to part. I would have spelled out the strategy of parting differently: start to separate a little from each other with certain obligations, but at the same time, start to create a system of education together. It is necessary to educate Europeans in the same spirit, in a single understanding what to do. And then come to unification.

Europe must begin to be involved with something very simple. It needs to pluck out all the immigrants who experienced difficult conditions in their own countries as a result of the “American spring” made by Obama. It is necessary to arrange conditions for them in their nations and not destroy them. After all, for example, everything is completely destroyed in Syria.

It will be necessary to consolidate a “Marshall Plan” for these nations. And this must be done by the United States and Europe. Only in a this way will they eliminate emigration and create the right relationships between peoples. There is no other way.

It is necessary to make a person into an Adam (Man). Otherwise, just as he was born as a wild animal, he will remain that way for his entire life.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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