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Returning Home

laitman_627_2Question: Has nature created women stronger and more energetic in every sense because her role is to bear children?

Answer: Of course. Women will naturally have to return to home-building eventually. Billions of unemployed people will be reclassified and women will leave their jobs and engage in bringing up children and housekeeping while the men will work.

Bringing up the next generation is a great problem and only women can solve it. We have to explain that to people because if things go on the way they are now, the next generation will not survive. It will be so ugly that it will cast a doubt as to life itself. We must return to the natural situation.

Along with that, women will develop spiritually! They will have more free time; they will relax because they will have a home, a husband and children. In addition to the pedagogical and psychological upbringing that her children need and caring for her husband, a woman will be able to engage in her spiritual development several hours a day.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Passover Is Birthday Of The Nation

laitman_749_01Question: Where does the tradition of having a special meal on the first night of Passover (Seder) come from and what does it mean?

Answer: The Passover meal is a beautiful tradition that symbolizes the greatest landmark in the history of the people of Israel, the birth of the nation. Everything that was before it we can call a state of an embryo.

This can be compared to the drop of semen that gets into the womb, into a correct and safe place, where it begins to develop. During nine month of pregnancy, it undergoes various stages of growth until suddenly it begins to feel not very comfortable.

The same place that was so safe, good, and that protected the embryo that was developing from the drop of semen suddenly becomes threatening, pressing, wishing to push it out of itself, rebelling against it.

The same thing happened to the people of Israel in Egypt. At first, when the Jews descended to Egypt, everything was fine and wonderful, the so-called seven years of satiation. However, then their condition began to deteriorate quickly; the tension and threat began to grow rapidly. And they didn’t know where and how to run away from it.

This is how an embryo feels in the uterus before birth, and this is how the Jews felt in the Egyptian exile according to what the Torah says. Today, we feel the same way in the modern world, when nature becomes so hostile and threatening to us. Humanity has been developing all the time, but nowadays we feel for the first time that we’ve reached a dead end and have nowhere to develop.

Nature as if begins to clench us in a ring. We are locked on this Earth with poisoned ecology and can’t find a place for ourselves. These processes are very similar: the development of an embryo, the history of the development of the people of Israel, and the evolution of the whole world.

Many secular people who don’t celebrate any Jewish holidays, nevertheless celebrate Passover Seder because it unites us within each familyand as a people. Together we celebrate the birthday of our nation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/12/16

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The Fractality Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In science, there is a concept of “fractality.” If, for example, we take a large crystal and break it into pieces, we get fractals, that is, small crystals of exactly the same shape as the big crystal.

In technology, the term “fractality” is characteristic of a hologram, each part of which contains its full image. How is this phenomenon described in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: The fact is that all of nature represents a single system, consisting of ten Sefirot or of five parts, the so-called name of YaHaVaH. Each part of the system, in turn, consists of subsystems that are similar to a general system.

This goes on practically until eternity. There is no way to perform a numerical analysis in order to determine to what extent the general system is divided into subsystems, and those system are divided further still.

Each part of the subsystems, wherever it is, affects the entire system through an infinite number of all possible intermediate links. And it turns out that if a person “grabbed” onto just one small part of this system, then he finds in it a complete micro picture of the whole system, and based on this, gets a certain idea about it.

Thus, one attains not only a single element of the system, but the entire structure of YaHaVaH completely. Whether it is small or large, it is always fully attainable. It’s similar to how a person in our world has five senses, regardless of his age: whether it is a small child, an adult, or an old man.

Question: In corporeal nature, there is a limit to fractality because from the point of view of quantum physics, our world can be divided into blocks, pixels, and there cannot be anything less than an elementary block. What about spirituality?

Answer: In the spiritual world a pixel is still only a pixel. It must consist of its ten micro parts, but we cannot perceive it because our senses perceive only quanta of light.

Such a state also exists in the upper Light. Any Light is divided into five parts that are further divided into five, and another five. We cannot perceive less than 1/125 part of the total light because we lack the resolution in our desires. Suppose we guess what is in the contrast between black and white, however, when it’s less than a certain quantum, less than a certain resolution, then we no longer have it in us.
From KabTv’s Lesson in Russian 12/25/17

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Why Are There So Many Single Women?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why there are so many single women nowadays?

Answer: It is because our ego grew so much that we cannot get along with each other. Women may claim that men cannot get along with them, and men may say the opposite. Our ego is so big, confused, and complicated that we cannot stand even the best person for very long.
From KabTV’s Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Articles In The Ukrainian Newspaper “Evreiskie Vesti” (Jewish News)

The Ukrainian newspaper “Evreiskie Vesti” (Jewish News) published my article about the World Kabbalah Convention that took place in Tel Aviv, Israel February 21-23, 2017 (pg. 12), as well as the article about the Passover by my student, Oleg Isekson (pg.2).