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My Thoughts On Twitter, 4/27/17


What’s Next for #France? @haaretzcom


The Second French Revolution @JPostOpinion #France2017


From Twitter, 4/27/17

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Who Can Consider Himself A Kabbalist?

laitman_243_01Question: I have undergone a transformation and I consider myself a Kabbalist. Is that possible?

Answer: First, one must determine and define who is a Kabbalist.

A Kabbalist is a person who is connected to a group of Kabbalists and who in the connection with his friends, discovers the Creator. The mutual attainment of the Creator in the group enables him to be a Kabbalist who receives the revelation of the upper force.

If you have undergone a certain personal experience, I must tell you that unfortunately it is only an illusion and a misconception.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/11/16

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Educate Children To Be Human

laitman_604_03Question: How can a woman determine what is necessary for the home and family and what is superfluous?

Answer: If a woman works on herself correctly and understands a little about psychology and education, then she will not behave irrationally. She needs to think about how to raise her children so that they will be human, that they will be able to continue on their own after that.

Everything is rapidly changing today, and by the time those children grow up, there will be completely different professions and occupations. The most important thing is to educate them to be human so that they will always relate to life, to others, and to themselves correctly.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Help Create A Family

laitman_622_02Question: Is correction possible with asceticism and isolation? If not, then why is this so widespread?

Answer: This is widespread because people are used to this form of life. In ancient times, they behaved this way to allegedly “kill” the flesh. But this does not correspond  to Kabbalistic principles.

The mortification of the flesh doesn’t come from and has nothing to do with Kabbalah. Therefore, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, one must not remain single.

We need to help single people organize their lives. By the way, helping to establish a family is a great Mitzvah (commandment). Therefore, the friends in a group, especially women, should help each other to create families.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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Competition Without Losers

Laitman_506_5From “The Crisis and Its Solution” (Arosa Forum, 2006)

As a result of society’s purposeful influence, everyone will aspire to receive only what is necessary for his existence from the society and spare no effort in his work for the society’s welfare.

To consume only “necessary for the existence” doesn’t mean to lead a meager life and subject ourselves to limitations. However, gradually due to integral education, the better understanding of and researching of our lives, we will suddenly realize that 99.9% of all goods that we produce only do us harm.

After all, the human body is an animal. We can’t feed a cow with cakes or accustom a horse to drink champagne. Similarly, our body requires simple, healthy, and varied food, that is most suitable for it. We must come to this through integral education.

Therefore, necessary for existence means all that is required for our animalistic body. We need to find out what is the most beneficial for it, and then include this in the educational program.

This opinion is passed to a person gradually and without any pressure. Perhaps it will take one or two generations, but in the end, humanity will switch to healthy consumption.

Question: How is it possible to decide what food is considered healthy because different things are suitable for different people?

Answer: All the advices about healthy food that we receive today come from the desire to sell something. Don’t forget this. Thus, it is obvious that all the products we buy, having believed advertisements, are useful only to those who sell them. We’ve never read a piece of advice that is really intended for our benefit.

Now all the lies about global warming are revealed. There is a group in the UN that fuels rumors around global warming and receives billions of dollars each year to allegedly fight it. But in fact, all these measures don’t give any results.

And everything is this way because our egoism can’t do anything good. It is obvious that a huge supermarket can be replaced by a small store, and that will be enough. A person doesn’t need a hundred kinds of cheese; there is no need for this.

Of course, there should be healthy products, several varieties for different tastes. But this diversity shouldn’t come from competition, from someone’s desire to earn.

Competition should be in who produces the most healthy and delicious products. That is, the original motive for competition is completely different. The product should be the best, most delicious, yet cheap, and should not harm the environment.

Nobody is going to forbid and limit anything. We just need to eliminate this principle of competition for the sake of profit and to develop competition around who brings more benefit to people. Nothing more is required! Everything is determined by the upbringing of a person, and as a result of integral education, his head will gradually begin to rise above material interests.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/17, “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “The Desirable Result”

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Violence In Spirituality

laitman_622_01Torah, Deuteronomy 22:25: But if a man finds the betrothed girl in the field, and the man overpowers her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die.

Question: What does violence mean in spirituality?

Answer: Violence is the disparity of a desire and a Masach (screen). This shouldn’t be done. However, on the other hand, there are such desires that can’t be corrected any other way. We see such examples even in our world among animals and humans. This is a consequence of spiritual behavior.

This is a very complex system of behavior in our world between a man and a woman that obviously originates from the spiritual states of the Masach and desire.

On one hand, a woman consciously or subconsciously provokes a man, meaning she attracts him, even to the point that he could rape her. In our world, she can be, in part, psychologically unaware of it, but in the spiritual world, this is so. Therefore, we must understand that all of this is a very complicated system.

When we begin to unveil our desires and think about how to correct them, we are amazed that it is precisely due to the fact that we live in our illusory world that we receive through it the ability to describe spiritual states. After all, there is no language in the spiritual world and there are no separate objects such as man, woman, field, city, and so on.

It would be very difficult to describe all of this if the Kabbalists didn’t use the language of branches. Therefore, in our world, it is possible to depict everything so beautifully and in such detail that there are words for everything, for example: “A man finds the betrothed girl in the field and the man overpowers her.”

It means that the Torah uses thousands of didffernt words that describe such a state in detail, and if we describe this in a Kabbalistic language, then it speaks about the way the Masach interacts with desire, how they approach each other, meet in the field, that is, outside of the influence of all of the others, since no one has the opportunity to influence and limit them.

The Masach tries by all means to perform a correction, even over a desire that is unsuitable for it. In principle, this is an incorrect action, but the desire can be corrected this way.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/16

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New Life #837 – The Process Of Spiritual Conversion

New Life #837 – The Process Of Spiritual Conversion
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The process of spiritual conversion begins when a person begins to identify an inclination toward adhesion with the Creator within himself, when questions about the essence of life arise within him. That is how Abraham began his search and development process.

From a good relationship with others, a person begins to feel the Creator.
From KabTV’s “New Life #837 – Jewish Culture: The Process Of Spiritual Conversion,” 3/9/17

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Convention In Chile “Day Three” – 04.28.17

Convention in Chile, “We are all one 2017” in America, “There Is None Else Beside Him,” Lesson 3

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