Returning Home

laitman_627_2Question: Has nature created women stronger and more energetic in every sense because her role is to bear children?

Answer: Of course. Women will naturally have to return to home-building eventually. Billions of unemployed people will be reclassified and women will leave their jobs and engage in bringing up children and housekeeping while the men will work.

Bringing up the next generation is a great problem and only women can solve it. We have to explain that to people because if things go on the way they are now, the next generation will not survive. It will be so ugly that it will cast a doubt as to life itself. We must return to the natural situation.

Along with that, women will develop spiritually! They will have more free time; they will relax because they will have a home, a husband and children. In addition to the pedagogical and psychological upbringing that her children need and caring for her husband, a woman will be able to engage in her spiritual development several hours a day.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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