Answers To Your Questions, Part 166

Laitman_633_3Question: You have mentioned that the Creator does not exist and there is no one to bring pleasure to. I also heard from you that the Creator suffers more than we do; where does that fact come from? How does it turn out that He doesn’t suffer or that He suffers and doesn’t exist at the same time?

Personally I would like the Creator to exist in my life, because if He does not exist and is not alive, the whole wisdom of Kabbalah would seem uninteresting and practically empty just like our beastly life.

If there is no one except me, I would rather live in this illusion without reaching some upper world. Although I am only 24 and have found the wisdom of Kabbalah at the age of 18, I would like to focus myself on the Creator as on someone who exists and is alive and who feels me, because the other attainments don’t interest me.

I am actually afraid to discover that the Creator does not exist. Does that mean that the wisdom of Kabbalah is not for me? At the moment, I don’t intend to study because there is no guarantee that the Creator actually exists and is alive, but if I heard that the Creator is alive and does exist from you (which is the most important thing for me), then I would study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Answer: Everything we say about the Creator is not His actual essence and does not say anything about Him, but only about what we can express in our sensations. Later, your feelings will change and you will be able to perceive the complexity of the world, and opposing views will not nullify each other, but will actually begin to complement each other. Then you will have no more questions.

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  1. Also, when this inner work is done, all the fractured parts of the mental model or schema become as one, and when all is as one, the creator is perceived clearly and constantly in a true, scientific, and emotionally significant way.

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