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Pictures From “All As One” World Kabbalah Convention, Tel Aviv 2017

Here are some pictures from the World Kabbalah Convention “All As One” in Tel Aviv, February 21-23, 2017.


Newspapers Yedioth Ahronoth (Latest News) And Maariv Cover World Kabbalah Convention

Two argest Israeli newspapers Yedioth Ahronoth (Latest News) and Maariv published articles about the World Kabbalah Convention “All as One” held in Tel Aviv, February 21-23, 2017. 


Ynet: 75 Countries At The Kabbalah La’Am Convention

The largest news portal in Israel Ynet published an article about the World Kabbalah Convention “All as One” that took place in Tel Aviv, February 21-23.



My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/5/17


Purim: Esther called for the unity of Jews residing in Shushan, i.e., those who aspire to bestow. But this is enough to redeem everyone.

Purim : The Jews can be forced to unite only by increasing the anti-Semitic force of Haman. Only unity saves them from annihilation.

The EU is debating future scenarios If they don’t start educating Europeans toward unity, the EU has no future!

History repeats itself: The left-wing American Jews believe they’re building a good future for themselves, not the crematorium.

Robots will completely separate their owners—the elite—from the masses, who will no longer be needed.

Since egoism in our society has reached its maximum level of development, anti-Semitism will only increase.


Humanity—Inevitably Selfish and Inevitably Anti-Semitic Antisemitism @haaretzcom


From Twitter, 3/5/17

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The Torah, A Single Line Of One Commandment

laitman_527_04The Torah is one continuous sentence that begins from the beginning of creation in its initial state (the desire of something from nothing) and ends when that desire becomes equal to the Creator in size and attributes. It is all a single line of one commandment.

Question: Who divided it into words, expressions, and sentences?

Answer: It was done by Kabbalists right after Moses wrote the Torah as one undivided text. In order for us to understand the specific actions that we must perform, this single program was divided into smaller sub-programs: sentences, words, letters, and even parts of letters, up to dots. It is only by such a consistent, discrete method that we can correct ourselves.

When we open the Torah scroll, we can see that there are no punctuation marks and that, in fact, the words practically are fused together. Only a person who understands the text is able to separate them from each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/4/16

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How Can We Overcome Shame?

Laitman_632_1Question: How does a Kabbalist overcome shame? It is the strongest most hated feeling a person has?

Answer: What should a person be ashamed of? This is how the Creator manages him. If a person has a problem, he has to turn to the Creator and sort out the problem with Him.

A Kabbalist doesn’t feel shame about anything. If he feels shame, he experiences terrible pangs of conscience because the egoism that has grown convinces him that he is the one who has actually done something, that he has programmed his life, that he has reacted wrongly, or that he has wronged people. But it is all the Creator, not him! These states are given to us on purpose so that eventually we will be able to appreciate ourselves correctly.

This approach is described in Kabbalah books and it is only according to this approach that we can relate to everything correctly. We don’t do it in order to avoid taking responsibility. In fact when we relate to life this way, we put ourselves in a situation where we the created beings invoke and summon the Surrounding Light unto ourselves in order to really manage our future state, but only through the upper world.

Question: It sounds as if a Kabbalist is not afraid of shame or of anything else?

Answer: If a person is in contact with the Creator, the Creator continuously builds him, and so he can ask the Creator to accelerate his development, then it will be totally different, and this world seems very simple. There is only one simple Light that fills it. I advise everyone to see that that’s the way it is.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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The Eras Of Two Messiahs

Dr. Michael LaitmanMashiach ben Yosef is a spiritual state that the great Kabbalist Ari introduced into the broken collective soul called “Adam after the sin,” which includes all of humanity.

By his corrections, the Ari brought it to a special state that prepared all the individual souls, parts of the collective soul of Adam, for the possibility of restoring the correct connection with the help of the Kabbalah method.

That is why starting from the Ari’s time (the 16th century) and on, it is permitted to study and use the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to connect human souls and build the Third Temple.

The humanity has to build a connection in which all the souls blend correctly: those that, together with Abraham, Moses, and Joshua, went through all the stages of descent, correction, and ascent to the First and the Second Temples, and those that left the system in ancient Babylon already.

In this way, when the intermixing of souls reached its correct result, each person acquired a possibility to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, correct himself, and engage in assembling the collective soul the same way one puts together a puzzle.

After the Ari, his great followers, Baal Shem Tov and his disciples, were in the same state. They did everything possible to correct the Jewish part of the humanity, or at least its part which was later called “Hasidism,” because the first degree that everyone has to attain is Hesed.

For this purpose it was necessary to rise above the ego so that not the ego rules over a person, but a person rules over the ego from the height he reached above it.

That is why there are two Messiahs. The first one is Messiah Ben Yosef (the degree of Yesod). His mission is to raise the humanity to the level of bestowal for the sake of bestowal, the property of Bina, the property of Hasidism. Yosef is the righteous (Tzadik) who doesn’t work with the egoistic properties and corrects only altruistic ones. With his help we attain not love, but the correct relationship with each other without mutual integration.

The second one is Messiah ben David (the degree of Malchut) who enables us to correct our most egoistic desires to reception for the sake of bestowal, that is, to attain love, adhesion with each other and with the Creator. We have to be in this state already. However, in order to fully reach it, there is still a lot to be done.
From a TV program “The Secrets of the Eternal Book”, 9/14/16

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Whom Does A Teacher Of Kabbalah Follow?

Laitman_917_02Question: Whom does a teacher of Kabbalah follow?

Answer: I hope that I am following my teacher. I am already connected with him, but, speaking in an earthly language, I can report to him with a calm and open heart, as I realized everything that I received from him. And I am not ashamed of what I have been trying to do after his death.

Question: Can Rabash see what you are doing now?

Answer: What does “seeing” mean? This is a single system that penetrates all information flow from beginning to end along the whole desire called “creation.”

Rabash is at a level in which he includes us within him. We are within him. Every Kabbalist who is on a higher level includes those lower than him within himself.

We are within Rabash and receive the Upper Light only through him, and he is within Baal HaSulam, and so forth. This is a system of concentric Sefirot.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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There Is No Altruism!

laitman_546_02In the News (Stanford News): “Ever since the concept of altruism was proposed in the 19th century, psychologists have debated whether or not people are born into the world preprogrammed to be nice to others. Now, a pair of Stanford psychologists has conducted experiments that indicate altruism has environmental triggers, and is not something we are simply born with.

“In 2006, a study involving toddlers found that the 18-month-olds were willing to provide a helping hand to the experimenters without being prompted. This expression of altruistic behavior in such young children aligned with what many scientists believed to be an expression of innate altruism, and the findings have served as the basis for dozens of studies since. …

“As with most experiments involving toddlers, the researchers behind the 2006 study engaged in a few minutes of play with the children, in order to make them comfortable with new people in a new setting.

“But this interaction, however brief, might have primed the toddler subjects toward altruistic behavior, and affected the outcome of the experiment. …

“Barragan and Dweck designed a novel experiment to isolate the effect of the pretest warm-up period. They enlisted 34 one- and two-year-olds …

“The results suggest that altruistic behavior may be governed more by relationships, even brief ones, than instincts.”

My Comment: This is nothing more than a naïve misconception.

The conclusions of the scientists sound too categorical. I would soften the wording a bit and use the magic words, “as far as it seems.” “As far as it seems, the acts of humans are also managed by altruistic intentions. Among apes there are no intentions like these, while among humans who have developed, it could be that they exist.” After all, the assumption of the scientists is not clear at all.

They say that altruism develops under the influence of communication between people, while I see that under the influence of communication, a person becomes more and more egoistic and doesn’t want to take anything into consideration except personal benefit, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Question: Does this mean that altruism is not created even when there is communication between people?

Answer: Certainly not. While communicating, I only see from whom I can profit, enjoy, and rise above. What we consider as altruism is egoism camoflaged to exploit others better.

Question: If this is so, if altruism doesn’t exist, where does this word come from?

Answer: In our lexicon there are many nice and good words: “friendship, love, connection, and mutual affection.” This is what misleads and confuses a person.

Question: Is it possible to acquire altruism somehow?

Answer: This is impossible because in our world on the level of nature in which we live in the communication between us, altruism doesn’t exist. But with the help of a unique method, we can summon the hidden power of nature (call it a “secret”), that, in addition to our nature, develops the characteristic of bestowal in us, the characteristic of unrequited, irrevocable, unconditional love. This is altruism.

But first we must discover the force of nature under whose influence we can become like this. Then we acquire the power of altruism, this possibility, this characteristic. But in no way do we do this with our own abilities.

The entire Torah talks about this. If we use it correctly, and the correct usage of the Torah is the wisdom of Kabbalah, then we can awaken and summon this force and it will transform us into altruists.

Then we will begin to uphold the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), which is the goal of the method of Torah.

Question: Suppose I become an altruist and someone else doesn’t, how will I be able to exist along with him?

Answer: You will be able to exist with him on the same level in which he and the whole world are. You will be able to talk with him calmly, work together, study, and do business.

Question: If so, how will the altruism in me be expressed?

Answer: Unlike others, you will not be able to cause anything bad in the world. You will receive from the world only as much as you require for sustaining yourself. In contrast to the others who receive in order to get everything in the world, you simply don’t need this; you have no desire for it. Other than that, you behave like all other people.

Question: Doesn’t it seem that science won’t rise to the level of altruistic deeds?

Answer: Science can rise only to the level of its researchers,  but no more. So it is necessary to develop the scientists, to raise their level.

Question: Is this possible?

Answer: I don’t know if it is easier to elevate the scientists or all of society. Scientists are people who stubbornly hold onto their nature. But I have recently noticed that the general crisis and the crisis within science and all of its manifestations have begun to influence them also.

Big doubts have appeared among them and all sorts of vacillations have begun to appear within science. Other than this, in the exact sciences, they are already talking about changes in nature, about its other possibilities.

While in the inexact sciences like psychology, they will continue to plod along for some time, tailing behind all of the sciences because they are based on only the material nature of humanity.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/16

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