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laitman_527_05Question: The Torah was written for its time. Did people who read it in that era understand what it is about?

Answer: The Torah was written for all times, but when it was written, people were on its levels and thus the instructions in the Torah were implemented without a problem. Thus they ascended from one level to the next.

In other words, what we believe to be a 40 year journey in the desert is an ascent from Malchut to Bina, which was a serious test for the people, but which they managed to overcome. Therefore Moses wrote everything for them and they processed it. He wrote and compiled the Torah according to the attainment of the levels they had been through.

Therefore all the events described in the Torah up to the entering the land of Israel, are levels of attainment.

But you shouldn’t think that those who entered the land of Israel were on a higher level than Moses even though it seems they attained it, it was simply such a level. It is just like in our world where experts are divided according to their profession and how much they know, according to their attainment, and their post, like a doctoral student, a doctor, a university lecturer, and a professor. It is the same thing here.

There is no greater prophet than Moses, and no one has spoken with the Creator face to face like he did.

Comment: But Moses didn’t participate in the building of the Temple.

Answer: It doesn’t matter. Everything described in the Torah afterward is fulfilled as the correction of the next level that isn’t perfect yet. It undergoes the state of ascent to the world of Atzilut and only in our times, when we begin to get accustomed to and to perceive the levels of ascent does the ascent to the world of Atzilut take place in order to later descend.

This means that our ascent is the right continuation of Moses’ path in the desert (in the ascent to Bina). When we ascend to Bina now, we will have to undergo the same states, including the exiles of Egypt and Babylon. Thus there is still a lot of hard serious work ahead of us, but we will undergo it for the third time already.

After the first ascent there was the destruction of the first Temple, of the first four levels called the kings of HGT (Daat, Hesed, Gevura and Tifferet).

Then the second Temple was built, which means the ascent from the destruction, the kings of TNHY (the lower part of Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut). Now there is the ascent to the building of the third Temple and the descent of the level of Atzilut to the level of our world.

Therefore it says that the third Temple includes the two previous Temples. This means that everything that ascended and was destroyed for its sake is taken into account during the correction of the third Temple, which means in our desires, attributes, and intentions. They were destroyed for this purpose so we could create the right connection from their shards.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/29/15

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