Grow Until We Reveal The Secret

laitman_276_06We are at a level in our evolution when the real meaning of the Torah is concealed from us. When we speak about the secrets of the Torah, we must not forget that the real secret is that it is impossible to share it with others because a person cannot perceive what you discover.

It is like explaining to a small child, for example, a very complicated concept or a top secret device by showing him drawings and tables, but it still remains a mystery to him. One has to prepare for the revelation of a secret.

Therefore, we can only slightly lift the veil that is hiding the secret to show that is there for a person to understand the Torah; it is not a collection of stories. From here onwards it all depends on the person.

It is as if we open the door a bit saying: “Look, this is the next level, this is where the next world is, the entrance to the upper dimension. You can also go up there, see, hear, understand, study, explore it, and exist in it while living in our world. Nothing limits you except yourself. You can expand your attainment, your perception, your knowledge, your impressions, and your senses to the point that they will include all of infinity. But it is up to you! Make the efforts and you will succeed.”

The main point is that a person should see the mystery, not that something is hidden from him, but that he hasn’t grown enough to attain it. If he makes the efforts, the secret will become a reality. It is not protected in any way except by a person’s limited mind and inner feeling.

When the fog clears, a person discovers an enormous field of activity, infinity.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/29/15

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