Finding Your Soul

laitman_277Question: What happens to the soul after the corporeal body dies?

Answer: The soul has no relation to the corporeal body; therefore, saying it exists in our body is absolute ignorance.

A person doesn’t have a soul. It appears only after he exits his egoism and becomes incorporated in others. After all, when he invests himself in others, cares about them, and serves them, the feeling of being melted and integrated in humanity appears in him. This feeling of melting into others and the attribute of love and bestowal unto others is called a soul.

Does a person have it? Any one of us can ask this question, but first he has to simply look at himself and at what he is engaged in from morning till evening, what his problems and his worries are, and accordingly he will understand how far he is from the revelation of his soul.

The soul is in others and not inside a person. We were given life in order to exit our self love and reach the love of others. If a person fulfills the transformation of himself, of his feelings, thoughts, joys, fears and aspirations, he acquires a soul.

When merging with others he begins to feel a different existence, a new level, a new dimension called the next world, the soul, the revelation of the Creator.

He has to attain this level while living in his corporeal body. In this case the body enables him to fulfill the transition from worrying about himself to worrying about others.

This isn’t a socialist philosophy but a practical method of the transition from the corporeal body into a spiritual one. The corporeal body is called egoism and the spiritual body is called altruism, bestowal.

Therefore during the life of our corporeal body we are given such an incredible opportunity. The body is absolutely neutral and exists only in order to allow us to perform the transformation from egoism to altruism, and then it can quietly die.

If I manage to fulfill this transformation, I acquire a spiritual body, and if not, I die just like any other beast, because in this state I am considered a beast. But when I acquire the soul and exist above my ego, I enter a state called a human being.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/1/15

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