We All Are One Soul, Part 3

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Question: If nature is a single body, what is the optimal participation of a person within it?

Answer: Most interesting is that a person has a unique mission in nature. It is very difficult for people to connect together because this is against our nature, our egoistic evil inclination. But if we try to connect and unite despite everything, by that we influence all of nature.

After all, a person is above all the rest of nature, and so our thoughts act like ultramodern weapons, the most powerful and revolutionary of all the weapons in the world. It has been kept secret so far, but there are already many organizations in each country that are developing methods of influencing a person’s thoughts. If we knew how to do this, then through the desire in our heart and the thought in our brain, we would be able to influence the world much more strongly than through any other means available in our world.

Question: What can I do with my thoughts?

Answer: So far you aren’t in a state where your thoughts can work in the world because you aren’t included in the system of creation; you haven’t discovered the system of connections between all thoughts. But later you will discover you are within a web that connects your thoughts with the thoughts of other people, and your desires with the hearts of all the people in the world. And you can influence their minds and hearts when you put your thoughts and desires into them. When you learn to do this, you will see what a revolution it is possible to make in the world.

Question: Doesn’t this seem like a very powerful means that gives me control over the entire world?

Answer: This is an extraordinarily powerful means, but we can use it and see the system only on condition that we have a good influence for the benefit of others. There is a security barrier on which it is necessary to make a Tzimtzum (restriction) on our egoism.

First we must attain the good power we can positively influence others with. And then we are granted the right to influence the world. Whether we want it or not, we are advancing towards this state. All of the problems of the modern world endured by humanity today are sent so we will understand that there is no choice: we must discover the overall system and enter into it.

We must bestow good upon the world, and then we will discover the entire system, the system of mutual bestowal, the good thoughts and desires called the soul. This system is one for all of us, one general soul.

It is specifically the wisdom of Kabbalah that makes it possible for us to discover it; it prepares a person for good reciprocal relationships, for a positive influence on everyone. And then a person is included in this system, reveals it, and accordingly begins to make useful, corrected actions, work on correcting the world, advancing the world to a good state.

In the future, all the inhabitants of the world will have this ability, and all of humanity will become one union, kindly influencing all thoughts and hearts, maintaining our good relationships. And all of us will become one system, one person; after all, we all  have only one soul.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 11/18/15

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