The Eras Of Two Messiahs

Dr. Michael LaitmanMashiach ben Yosef is a spiritual state that the great Kabbalist Ari introduced into the broken collective soul called “Adam after the sin,” which includes all of humanity.

By his corrections, the Ari brought it to a special state that prepared all the individual souls, parts of the collective soul of Adam, for the possibility of restoring the correct connection with the help of the Kabbalah method.

That is why starting from the Ari’s time (the 16th century) and on, it is permitted to study and use the wisdom of Kabbalah in order to connect human souls and build the Third Temple.

The humanity has to build a connection in which all the souls blend correctly: those that, together with Abraham, Moses, and Joshua, went through all the stages of descent, correction, and ascent to the First and the Second Temples, and those that left the system in ancient Babylon already.

In this way, when the intermixing of souls reached its correct result, each person acquired a possibility to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, correct himself, and engage in assembling the collective soul the same way one puts together a puzzle.

After the Ari, his great followers, Baal Shem Tov and his disciples, were in the same state. They did everything possible to correct the Jewish part of the humanity, or at least its part which was later called “Hasidism,” because the first degree that everyone has to attain is Hesed.

For this purpose it was necessary to rise above the ego so that not the ego rules over a person, but a person rules over the ego from the height he reached above it.

That is why there are two Messiahs. The first one is Messiah Ben Yosef (the degree of Yesod). His mission is to raise the humanity to the level of bestowal for the sake of bestowal, the property of Bina, the property of Hasidism. Yosef is the righteous (Tzadik) who doesn’t work with the egoistic properties and corrects only altruistic ones. With his help we attain not love, but the correct relationship with each other without mutual integration.

The second one is Messiah ben David (the degree of Malchut) who enables us to correct our most egoistic desires to reception for the sake of bestowal, that is, to attain love, adhesion with each other and with the Creator. We have to be in this state already. However, in order to fully reach it, there is still a lot to be done.
From a TV program “The Secrets of the Eternal Book”, 9/14/16

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