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Convention In Kiev – 03.23.17

Convention in Kiev, Preparatory Lesson

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A Ticket To The Upper World

laitman_281_02Question: Is there a difference between the way men and women develop spiritually, and if so, what is it?

Answer: The Creator draws everyone to him, but women who feel an attraction to spirituality are in a preferable state compared to men, both qualitatively and in quantitatively. Women need to study just like men, but women should observe the appropriate separation between men and women; we have talked about it often.

Women don’t have to study TES (Talmud Eser Sefirot), which describes the upper system of the worlds if they are not attracted to it. A woman doesn’t need to undergo correction on such a level because her correction is achieved by helping the male part of the group.

Everything else is the same: women’s tens, women’s circles, women getting closer to each other, which is the most difficult thing for them, but this is actually what they should engage in because, in contrast to men, women don’t feel the need to be surrounded by other women.

A man feels the friends: they are all one group, embracing, advancing together in whichever direction they want. And women don’t feel that. They are by nature more individualistic, and so they need to draw closer together. Not to the same degree men do, of course, they are not required to do that. Women need to surround the men, help them, support them, and so move forward.

If a woman helps her husband and does everything so that he can advance spiritually, she receives through him to the degree that she helps him. If, in addition, she can work in a group of women and help not only her husband but the group of men, it provides her with an “entrance ticket” to the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/4/16

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The World Of Kabbalah: A News Report On Channel 9

Last week I was invited to participate in the news program “The Day” on Channel 9, one of the biggest channels on Israeli TV.

The news report from the International Kabbalah Convention held on February 21-23, 2017 in Tel Aviv was called “The World of Kabbalah.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah does the impossible: It provides the country with the international support and reconciles political groups. It is Kabbalah that can fulfill Israel’s decades-long dream—a peaceful life and confidence in the future.  

In this coverage, Channel 9 for the first time spoke about the foundation of the Jewish people, about their strengths and weaknesses. Our internal conflicts and world’s hostility towards the Jews are not accidental. They require rational reflection, without which we simply don’t have a future.

After all, we are not ordinary people. Abraham gathered our ancestors from different tribes and initially they were united only by one thing: love for others. They were close in spirit, but they were not blood relatives.

Many things have changed since then, but still only we can unite ourselves and the nations of the world into one family.

This is why we find no peace, like a person who rejects his destiny. That is why anti-Semitism is raising its head again. People don’t like us not because we are “chosen,” but because we don’t put our uniqueness into practice, don’t bring a light onto the nations, and don’t show them how to live in peace and harmony with each other.

However, I am optimistic about the future. Eight thousand people came to our annual convention, and it already doesn’t surprise anyone. The country is gradually getting used to the idea that unity will decide our common destiny. Uniting above all contradictions, we will see how everything is changing for the better.

First Impressions Of Kabbalah

laitman_527_07Question: I am a new student. When I listen to you, your words sound like a fresh mountain stream. But when I look at a thick book, it becomes scary. What should I do?

Answer: When I began to search for Kabbalistic sources, I ran around to all the shops and could not find anything. Then, suddenly, I came to a place where I found all the books about the wisdom of Kabbalah: Talmud Eser Sefirot, all of the volumes of The Book of Zohar, the writings of Ramchal, and others.

I immediately bought everything because they were nowhere else to be found. To acquire the collection of the writings of the Ari, I specifically went to a small suburb of Tel Aviv, went to the front garden, and knocked on the gate. An old woman came out to me who, after learning what I wanted, said, “I will look to see if there’s something left.” I asked for two sets of the fifteen volumes of the writings of the Ari, but she only handed me one.

She was the wife of a Kabbalist who, during his lifetime, published books, and he probably left her with a large storeroom after his death. That is how it was possible to get the writings of the Kabbalists.

When I brought these books home and began to read, it was like a bolt from the blue; they affected me so passionately. These were my very first impressions. After that, when you become familiar with the wisdom of Kabbalah, you feel how infinitely good it is and that it wishes to reveal the eternity, serenity, and goodness of creation to you.

Question: Did you understand anything from the writings of the Ari when you opened them?

Answer: In fact, at that time, I didn’t know how to read Hebrew. I had a local friend my same age who read them aloud, and I sat next to him and listened. Although I didn’t understand anything, I sensed that this was the most important thing.

I memorized what I heard, and somehow compared it within myself. Different kinds of pictures were born in my thoughts. I experienced all kinds of emotions, something incomprehensible. So, over four or five years, everything was read, and when I came to Rabash, it all instantly took on a completely different form.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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Do Test Tubes Babies Have A Soul?

Laitman_049_01Question: If scientists learn to clone people, will these people have a soul? Is there a soul in a child conceived in a test tube or with other artificial forms of conception?

Answer: What difference does it make whether an embryo develops in a test tube or in his mother’s womb? It is merely corporeal development.

The main point is to have a corporeal body from which the soul can develop.

It is possible to develop a new body from one human cell, but the soul will appear in it only when a person himself works on the development of his soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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Does A Kabbalist Feel The Spiritual World Constantly?

laitman_276_02Question: What does it mean to constantly be under impact of the spiritual and to feel the Creator at least 1%? Does a Kabbalist feel the spiritual world all the time in the same manner or does he sometimes exit it?

Answer: A person feels the spiritual world and at the same time he feels this world. He does not clearly distinguish between the existence of the corporeal body and the attainment of the world the surrounds him.

He lives in the corporeal body constantly, and feels it when asleep or awake. But he doesn’t feel the spiritual world when he is asleep, because then he is immersed only in his corporeal body.

In spirituality, a person has to attain the permanent feeling of the upper world, and when the corporeal body disappears from his sensations, he will permanently feel the spiritual world.

As long as the physical body exists, it controls a person’s feelings and suppresses the spiritual sensation, and a person has to make an effort in order to feel the spiritual world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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Feeling True Reality

laitman_761_3Question: What is the difference between the reality found outside of me and the perception of reality portrayed through my five senses?

Answer: The reality that a person perceives is portrayed within him by the Creator and not by anyone else. Even though it seems to him that he is in a specific physical or spiritual world, he is in fact found within a higher field, the Creator.

The Creator organizes within the person particular fundamental assumptions, preconditions, characteristics, and limitations, in regard to Him; and for the moment, a person perceives the Creator in the form of this world.

It is desirable to begin to perceive the Creator in the way that He exists and not in a form distorted by the limitations of his egoism. This sums up the work of every person. The main thing is to begin to understand that everything that happens to him is realized under the influence of the upper force upon him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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The Connection Between Materiality And Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Once upon a time there lived a human being, and he had a soul. One day a material arrow destroyed his material body, and he died. This affected his soul. Does it mean that materiality can somehow affect spirituality?

Answer: Not at all, the soul has nothing to do with the material body and with what happens to a person. Suppose, he fell from his level. But what he has already done, having developed his first ten Sefirot, a tenth, from the point in the heart and having begun to attain the upper states, stays within him and doesn’t disappear even if he falls from his level back to the earthly pursuits.

Question: Where is the soul or its first fragment located? Where are we located?

Answer: In our consciousness, and nowhere else.

This is exactly what scientists lack when they try to comprehend the next dimension, folding and unfolding universes, or the origin and disappearance of energy. Very soon we will discover many interesting paradoxes in our comprehension of nature. And all of them will lead us to a state of absolute confusion.

We will suddenly begin to disclose the borderline phenomena between the inanimate, vegetative, and animate worlds, and the upper world. All these so-called strict scientific dependencies that we perceive in our world will suddenly disappear, and instead of them we will get new, completely incomprehensible qualities, phenomena, laws, and formulas. And this is because we are approaching the revelation of the spiritual world.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 11/6/2016

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The Plan For Exiting Crisis, Part 3

 Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of social order will the integral education eventually bring us to?

Answer: The goal of the integral education isn’t to change the social order, but to educate a person. It has to teach a person how to exist in this world, not on the Moon or in the outer space, but on the Earth, and not in a bungalow in the jungle, but among people in a modern city of a developed country.

Particularly a hundred most developed countries experience problems now. And the more developed the country is, the more serious are the problems, even though there are more means to cover or muffle them up. But all the attempts to handle the problems do not lead to their resolution, they only drive the disease deeper inside until it explodes.

We have already seen what the right line and the left line lead to. The right line can lead to the fascist regime, but the left line can lead to Nazism as well. After all, these extreme manifestations are a swing to one direction or the other.

As a matter of fact, the left and the right differ only by a few words, but they are alike in their perseverance and fanaticism. They both are ready to destroy their opponents, those who do not agree with their opinion, because they are founded on one’s ego.

The integral education has to bring a new trend: the middle line that is neither left nor right. This needs to be taught because humanity cannot discover it on its own as there is no middle line in nature. By this we endow the humanity with an opportunity to enjoy a full spectrum of human inclinations, from left to right and from right to left, which is the middle line.

The middle line allows to rise above the human nature towards connection where love covers all crimes. There is no such possibility either in nature or in man’s nature, and without special education we will never come to it.

Such an education cannot be created by any university or academy, by the most intelligent professors, but only by the Kabbalists who study and use the middle line, building good relationships on top of all evil.

A human society, a family, and even a friendship between two people can exist only in the balanced form that doesn’t destroy either good or evil, left or right, but instead covers all differences and rises above them. This is the only way connection can be achieved.

This method has to come from Kabbalah. Nature cannot disclose this method to us because there is no human degree in nature. Our physical bodies belong to the animate degree, but our awareness belongs to the human degree. Yet the human degree doesn’t exist in nature, only the still, vegetative, and animate degrees do.

The human degree means that we see, think, understand, and feel the human within ourselves, and there is no such thing in nature. We came out from apes but have not yet become humans, the human degree. A new quality called “a human” has not emerged within us yet. The fact that we’ve learned to use all kinds of machines instead of sticks does not mean that we became humans. It is still the same animal, only more confused.

It is the same ape that has developed to the point where it received an atomic bomb in its hands, and not the human degree we have to achieve. Nature continues the program of evolution, pushing us towards further development. And we are not ready for it because it contradicts all our previous development.

During the transition from one degree to another, it is necessary to cancel a previous degree, to make a restriction, rise above it, and invert it to the opposite quality.

This is why the ascent to the human degree is only possible on the condition that we restrict and use the previous degree only in an opposite form, for the sake of bestowal, so that all our egoism serves only to become its opposite.

But this requires education that stems from the speaking degree, from the educator who is already on the human level—Kabbalists. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed in our days and can save humanity.

The form of the future society is described by Baal HaSulam in his article “The Last Generation.” But only the Kabbalists can teach humanity such relationships, and this is their mission. Therefore, in our time the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and there is an organization called Bnei Baruch. We have the right to exist only on the condition that we will prepare ourselves for the fulfillment of this mission.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/26/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “Plan for Getting Out of Crisis

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