The Connection Between Materiality And Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Once upon a time there lived a human being, and he had a soul. One day a material arrow destroyed his material body, and he died. This affected his soul. Does it mean that materiality can somehow affect spirituality?

Answer: Not at all, the soul has nothing to do with the material body and with what happens to a person. Suppose, he fell from his level. But what he has already done, having developed his first ten Sefirot, a tenth, from the point in the heart and having begun to attain the upper states, stays within him and doesn’t disappear even if he falls from his level back to the earthly pursuits.

Question: Where is the soul or its first fragment located? Where are we located?

Answer: In our consciousness, and nowhere else.

This is exactly what scientists lack when they try to comprehend the next dimension, folding and unfolding universes, or the origin and disappearance of energy. Very soon we will discover many interesting paradoxes in our comprehension of nature. And all of them will lead us to a state of absolute confusion.

We will suddenly begin to disclose the borderline phenomena between the inanimate, vegetative, and animate worlds, and the upper world. All these so-called strict scientific dependencies that we perceive in our world will suddenly disappear, and instead of them we will get new, completely incomprehensible qualities, phenomena, laws, and formulas. And this is because we are approaching the revelation of the spiritual world.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 11/6/2016

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