Feeling True Reality

laitman_761_3Question: What is the difference between the reality found outside of me and the perception of reality portrayed through my five senses?

Answer: The reality that a person perceives is portrayed within him by the Creator and not by anyone else. Even though it seems to him that he is in a specific physical or spiritual world, he is in fact found within a higher field, the Creator.

The Creator organizes within the person particular fundamental assumptions, preconditions, characteristics, and limitations, in regard to Him; and for the moment, a person perceives the Creator in the form of this world.

It is desirable to begin to perceive the Creator in the way that He exists and not in a form distorted by the limitations of his egoism. This sums up the work of every person. The main thing is to begin to understand that everything that happens to him is realized under the influence of the upper force upon him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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