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Convention In Kiev, Day Two – 03.25.17

Convention in Kiev, Day Two, “There Is None Else Besides Him,” Lesson 4

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Convention in Kiev, Day Two, “Arvut,” Lesson 5

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Convention in Kiev, Day Two, Lesson 6

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Mission Of The Jewish People

Unity, The Way To A Good FutureQuestion from Facebook: You are always talking about the mission of the Jewish people. Are you certain they will be able to fulfill it?

Answer: Yes. This is laid in the basis of nature. The question lies only in how quickly they accept the job and in what manner they will actualize it in order to give all of humanity an example of connection.

This is essentially the mission of the Jewish people. They must become united within and demonstrate to all humanity how to build society and the state correctly.

It is exactly for this reason that the Jewish people find themselves on their own land again after 2,000 years, in order to once again build a state and create a unified nation, a correct society, family, and so on. This phenomenon does not exist in nature! We have to build it here, now, on this land. And then we will suddenly find ourselves in the center of the entire human community.

Everyone will suddenly look at us, but this time not with hatred, as they do now, but on the contrary, with comprehension that this is exactly what they were expecting from us, and therefore, they hated and thought negatively of us because we were not fulfilling our mission.

This is called becoming a “light to the nations”—demonstrating an example of connection to them so they too will unite.

Question: That means that the Jewish people will build a society of the future, but not for themselves?

Answer: The Jewish people do not exist for themselves. That is the problem. They need to understand that they must exist for all the other peoples. The law of altruism, bestowal, “love your friend as yourself,” is calling us to this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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Let Him Escape And Remain Alive

Laitman_509Torah, Deuteronomy 19:04: And this is the case of the killer who will flee there, so that he may live: Whoever strikes his fellow [to death] unintentionally, whom he did not hate in times past.

The fellow is one with whom a person who committed the murder had some kind of contact. This action can be identified and analyzed, and if there is no connection between the crime itself and their relationship, then the murder is considered unintentional and the person is not imprisoned.

Torah, Deuteronomy 19:05: As when a man goes with his fellow into the forest to chop wood, and his hand swings the ax to cut down the tree, and the iron flies off the handle, and it reaches his fellow, and he dies he shall flee to one of these cities, and live.

This is very serious damage from one person to another.

The one who caused serious damage to his fellow doesn’t have a choice, there is no way out according to the the laws of the Torah. He has to go to the city of refuge. He must avoid punishment because he committed an unintentional murder. His isolation is his correction. While staying in the city of refuge, he begins to understand that to some degree, he is under the unfavorable control of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/7/16

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Easier Said Than Done

laitman_938_03Question from Facebook: Everything you say sounds very simple, so why is it so hard to fulfill it?

Answer: The point is that the fulfillment of the method is according to our egoistic desires, impulses, and yearnings. In contrast to them, we have to achieve a hearty internal connection with others, in order to create a state between us of mutual attraction toward the center, not to one of us, but to everyone with regard to the others.

This is no simple thing, but this is in what we should engage. Then we will begin to feel that we have great help from nature, from the Creator, since nature and the Creator are the same thing. If we do that, we will feel a new state between us, the next dimension, the upper world, the Creator, and at the same time, we will feel that we exist not in our corporeal body, but external to it. This is to what we aspire.

A fine internal intention is required here, to which a person brings himself after years, until he reaches a state of being detached from himself because the thin wire that connects all our impulses to the ego has to be broken.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/2/17

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New Life 823 – The System Of Reality

New Life 823 – The System Of Reality
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Nature is a closed integral system in which every part affects all the other parts.

The human body is managed by the laws of nature and belongs to the animate level. We have to develop the speaking level above it. As long as we don’t feel the system, our perception of reward and punishment is false. “Love thy friend as thyself” is a state of being incorporated in the whole system, which guarantees a positive response. If you receive a response that seems negative, it is because the system actually guides you to advance to a higher level.
From KabTV’s “New Life 823 – The System Of Reality,” 2/2/17

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