Easier Said Than Done

laitman_938_03Question from Facebook: Everything you say sounds very simple, so why is it so hard to fulfill it?

Answer: The point is that the fulfillment of the method is according to our egoistic desires, impulses, and yearnings. In contrast to them, we have to achieve a hearty internal connection with others, in order to create a state between us of mutual attraction toward the center, not to one of us, but to everyone with regard to the others.

This is no simple thing, but this is in what we should engage. Then we will begin to feel that we have great help from nature, from the Creator, since nature and the Creator are the same thing. If we do that, we will feel a new state between us, the next dimension, the upper world, the Creator, and at the same time, we will feel that we exist not in our corporeal body, but external to it. This is to what we aspire.

A fine internal intention is required here, to which a person brings himself after years, until he reaches a state of being detached from himself because the thin wire that connects all our impulses to the ego has to be broken.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/2/17

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