What Happens To The Soul During Sleep?

laitman_571_01Question: Is the soul found in the body permanently? Does it fly away out of the body during sleep?

Answer: Since there is no soul in the body, it doesn’t fly away and return somewhere during sleep. Sleep is only a physiological state, which is typical of beasts.

Before we discover our soul through a group of 10, which is the minimal group of people who can discover the soul; each one of us only has a point, a part of the soul, its germ.


To feel the soul, a person must create a fragment, a group of 10, within which he can apply the laws that exist for the collective and complete soul. Otherwise he will remain within his beastly body, sleeping, eating, doing what the body orders him to do and nothing more than that.

The fact is, there are three states in our world: still, vegetative, and animate. And the state called “Adam” (Man) is not found in our world. We are animals. A Man is someone who, starting from the point in the heart, works through the group of 10 and from there to the complete soul Adam – Man.


From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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