The Soul During Sleep

laitman_564Question from Facebook: What is a dream, and what happens to the soul during sleep?

Answer: A dream is a purely physiological state of the beastly body, which has no relation to spirituality.

Rest is typical not only for humans but also for animals and plants. This suggest the need to alternate between two states, on and off, like the alternation of day and night.

Question: What happens to the soul during sleep?

Answer: A person has no soul! He is simply an animal that has only a bud (point) that can be developed with the help of studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, and then within him he will begin “to cultivate,” to grow, a spiritual organ called a soul. But this is only to the degree that a person carries out serious work on himself.

Moreover, he cannot carry this out alone but only in a society in which all the points are connected together, and that is how they create one single point that is composed of ten, which is called a spiritual Minyan (group of ten).

So, within the group of ten, by nullifying themselves and connecting together, they will begin to feel a spiritual force, a spiritual state. A connection like this is called a “soul,” within which the state of the next level is already felt, called the upper world.

But when a person just goes to sleep, this is a natural, beastly state that arises as a result of an internal overload of all the thoughts, emotions, memories, and so forth.

So during sleep, as a rule, we connect with what happened during the daytime because our thoughts are reloaded and sink internally to a deeper level of memory, and we feel this as dreams, which can take on different forms because they are cut off from egoistic desires. They are no longer found within the desires, but in thoughts above the desires.

There are states when dreaming that we can sense the future, but this has no connection to the wisdom of Kabbalah. There are some people who feel this more, others feel it less, and there are people like Wolf Messing, who feel the future in general, not necessarily during sleep. But this is absolutely irrelevant to the spiritual world, to the soul. Everyone has a bud for the beginning of the soul, but it is necessary to develop it. The wisdom of Kabbalah is waiting for you.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/21/16

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