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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/28/17


An Open Message to President Trump



The Real Wall Trump Needs To Break Down @HuffingtonPost
From Twitter, 1/28/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/20-22/17


After liberalism, we must realize: The solution is not in the extremes, but in unification enabled by Integral Education.

Despite what many think, the world is not collapsing as Trump takes over. Rather, it is going through labor pains. Let’s wish it good luck!

The protests of Democrats and liberals against Donald Trump show just how democratic, pluralist, and liberal they are.
From Twitter, 1/20-22/17

What Is So Good About Our Life?

Laitman_632_2Question: Why does a person try to extend his life in this world? After all, this is not what we were born for, we were born to develop our soul.

Answer: This is absolutely true, I believe that there is nothing good about this life and the Torah also refers to this: the sages sat and discussed who is happier, one who was born or one who had not been born, and arrived at the conclusion that it is the one who had not been born. But if you were born, you will fulfill your destiny, namely to develop your soul.

This was said 3,000 years ago.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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Two Possibilities For Spiritual Advancement

laitman_283_01Question: The upper force is interested in creation making contact with Him. He knows how to prod us by striking at our nature (the desire to receive) so we will turn to Him. After all, when things are good for us, we don’t remember Him.

But there is another option, when we consciously begin to turn to Him ourselves without waiting for blows. How can I do this?

Answer: There are a number of fundamental means through which we can initiate our exposure to the higher power: studying according to the sources, the group in which we learn and realize this methodology, disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, and organizing all of humanity to get closer to the upper force.

Question: So by being present for a lesson and studying the material, do we also call on the Upper Light?

Answer: Without a doubt! After several hundred hours like this, a person will necessarily get a feeling of internal changes. He will begin to see the world through his inner vision as he comes into contact with the upper force and begins to be clothed by it.

Question: When we begin to unite between us in a group, it requires our efforts and these are also blows to the ego, but conscious ones. What is the difference between the first and second options? It is when the Creator strikes me, and then when I apparently strike myself.

Answer: First, you don’t strike yourself and you choose this path.

It can be thorny, not particularly pleasant, but you choose it consciously. And you can convince yourself that this is imperative not only to escape suffering, but because you want to be an Adam (Man)!

You want to choose a path of spiritual growth while still living in this world in order to feel the upper world.

Here you have the opportunity to begin to work on yourself, to bring yourself closer to the eternal and perfect source and become like it. Moreover, this is something that is attained in this life.

Therefore, no matter what you may do in this world, it cannot compare with the same result you would attain through implementing the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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New Life #337 – The Leaders Of Revolutions, Then And Today

New Life #337 –  The Leaders of the Revolutions, Then and Today
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


What will characterize revolutions in the 21st century, in what ways are today’s revolution special, and who will initiate the next revolution?

Man changes society from time to time to feel that life is better. This is our nature.

Everything new is born from a previous state. Sometimes it is accompanied by conflicts. Nature awakens a need for change in us and invites us to take a part in the process of advancement. The revolution will have one leader with a group surrounding him, and surrounding them additional circles.

The next revolution will be special. Before changing society, we must change ourselves. It will be a revolution in education, which will include a general, social explanation process that will be comprehensive and go deeply into the society.

The leaders of the new revolution will be educators. The next revolution will be an internal one, from within the individual. There will be an understanding that there is no one to blame except for human nature, the ego. Inside each one of us there is an animal that is only concerned for itself and crushes everyone in its way. The next revolutionary will be an educator, a mentor. He won’t deflect others, won’t awaken rebellion or aggression.
From KabTV’s “New Life #337 –  Leaders of the Revolutions, Then and Today,” 4/3/14

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