Spiritual Attainment And The Insight Of Scientists

laitman_222_0Question: What distinguishes spiritual attainment from all other disclosures, insights, revelations, and discoveries of scientists and philosophers?

Answer: Spiritual attainment happens through the characteristics of bestowal and love, through exiting yourself, transcending yourself. This doesn’t happen in a person in our world, no matter how inspired one might be.

Spirituality is the characteristic of bestowal without any connection to yourself, regardless of any consequences for yourself. This is a characteristic that comes from above, and a person must acquire it. It is not found in any person except for those who are engaged with the clear Kabbalistic method that comes from Adam.

Question: In the history of the world, have there been many such people?

Answer: From Adam until our day there have been millions. After all, while in Babylon, tens of thousands of people followed Abraham. After that, thanks to practical spiritual work, they became what were known as the people of Israel and later spread throughout the world.

What this means is that at the time of the existence of the Batei HaMikdash (Temples), hundreds of thousands were in spiritual attainment. At that time, this was a great people who felt the upper world for many generations.

After the destruction of the Temples, the decline of the generations began. In the first millennium of the current era, a few thousand people remained in spiritual attainment, in the second millennium of the current era, far fewer remained, and in our day this there are individuals, and it is not known where they are and who they are.

But we are renewing the way upward; it is already a global movement. In principle, it always was global because according to genetic origin, the Jews are not a people but a group of Babylonians who united thanks to a spiritual ideology.

Therefore, there was nothing in it that was contrary to any people. It should be noted that throughout our history, from Babylon on, very large numbers of people joined the people of Israel to enter the perception of the upper world.

Among them were a multitude of ancient Kabbalists and masters of the Talmud who came from Greece, Rome, and other nations surrounding ancient Israel: Onkelos, Rabbi Akiva, and other prominent luminaries, and others as well.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/20/16

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