Egoism In The Service Of Altruism

laitman_276_01There is a close scrutiny of the connections between Malchut and Bina in the weekly section of the Torah Behukot: how and according to which laws and which dosage can the egoistic attribute of receiving be incorporated in the attributes of bestowal. This is the reason that this section of the Torah is very deep and powerful.

It is about the red heifer that symbolizes the connection between Malchut and Bina (to receive in order to bestow). On the one hand, this connection can sanctify a person and turn him from an egoist into an altruist.

On the other hand, an altruist can turn into an egoist according to what is important to him: whether Malchut is above Bina or Bina is above Malchut. If you are pure to a certain extent and suddenly open your Malchut more than the attribute of Bina, you become impure.

It is a very complex system of interdependence between purity and impurity, specific to the spiritual world. Therefore, the main point is that the connection between Malchut and Bina be in the right dosage.

All of the other laws described in this section of the Torah also emphasize the right cooperation between the ego and the Light that corrects the ego according to the amount of Light that it draws.

The two attributes must be connected carefully in the spiritual world, but how can they be properly connected in advance? This is impossible to determine because a person himself is a totally new object each time.

He doesn’t know who he is and what he is, how he should behave now in order to resemble the Creator because he isn’t familiar with his internal attributes that have been renewed. How can he become one in order not to go wrong? You must be your own psychologist here who works with the unknown each time. This is what the attainment of your nature comes down to.

A person has constant doubts. He is afraid of himself so as not to violate the balance, not to fall, and to be in the right motion forward. This motion can be only in faith above reason, when he constantly controls that the attribute of bestowal in him always is above the attribute of receiving so that he will be able to advance with his eyes closed toward bestowal.

If we are on the level of our world, how can I be sure that I will not steal if I suddenly have such an opportunity? How can I avoid temptations that can turn my head around? I am shaken suddenly, and everything that I have attained disappears. There is another conflict here, a new state. What do I do in this situation? How can I be sure that I will not fall, but will hold on to the attribute of bestowal in all of my actions?

Where does a person find the strength when he begins to explore himself and understand that he cannot count on himself in any way and that he is simply hanging by a thread?

It is only if he has a constant feeling that he cannot count on himself, that he can devote himself to the attribute of love and bestowal, which means to depend on everyone else and act only in them.

Question: How can this be done if a person has no basis under his feet?

Answer: This is actually the best feeling because I don’t do, change, or create anything by myself.

Question: Does that mean that neither knowledge nor wisdom will help me here?

Answer: Nothing! The wise are in the same position. You actually acquire knowledge when you are connected to the upper and not by yourself.

It is then when you don’t feel anything under your feet that you begin the movement from Malchut to Bina. This connection is very carefully calculated.

On the one hand, it is a very accurate, internal, mathematical, and psychological problem where you must calculate how much of a certain Light and a certain Masach (screen) and a certain Aviut (depth of desire) that you need. On the other hand, it means that you are already under the upper.

This is the reason that the weekly section “Chukat” begins with the story of the red heifer that sanctifies the egoists and turns the holy into sinners, which means that it works in both directions, back and forth. When it is burned, it is actually its ashes that turn into the general attribute since then you burn everything, both the attributes of bestowal and the attributes of receiving, and have nothing left. However, then one special attribute is formed.

Question: It says that King David could explain everything except the commandment of the red heifer.

Answer: Yes, it is because this attribute is in Keter, the highest spiritual phase from which the idea of the creation of man that is equal to the Creator descends. It is this that works on a man and how he can ascend to resemble the Creator.

Question: Do the laws repeat on every level?

Answer: The laws are totally the same on every level. They include the first restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph), a Masach, resistance to egoism, and the calculation above the Masach, to what extent can I resemble the attribute that I discover.

When I restrict myself and place a Masach, I discover the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of love, the attribute of connection, that is opposite from me. I discover a new world, and now I see what it is in itself, how I can resemble it, and to what extent I can participate in its actions.

This is the calculation that is made with the sum of the attributes of Bina and Malchut in order to use my previous egoistic attributes to perform altruistic actions.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/15

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