The Kabbalists’ Time Machine

laitman_526Question: If a Kabbalist today could go back to the past in a time machine and speak with Kabbalists who lived during the time of the Bible, would they be able to understand one another?

Answer: Of course, without a doubt! When I ascend the spiritual levels from the bottom up, I meet all the Kabbalists who have climbed these levels. I become part of these levels and attain what other Kabbalists attained in the past.

I go up the elevator to the first floor and see what happens on that floor. All of the Kabbalists also saw the same thing, starting from Adam HaRishon (First Man) all the way to me. Perhaps each described it according to his own style because he perceived a picture that is a bit different, according to the root of his soul, but everyone attained the same thing.

I rise to the second floor, and there I feel what they felt and so on. I must understand them according to the level of the floor I am on, and there is no problem on that level.

I may not understand everything they wrote because they are on a height that I have not yet attained, but when I rise to a certain floor, I attain all the Kabbalists who were on that floor and discover whatever they discovered.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Science” 9/7/15

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