The Torah, A Single Line Of One Commandment

laitman_527_04The Torah is one continuous sentence that begins from the beginning of creation in its initial state (the desire of something from nothing) and ends when that desire becomes equal to the Creator in size and attributes. It is all a single line of one commandment.

Question: Who divided it into words, expressions, and sentences?

Answer: It was done by Kabbalists right after Moses wrote the Torah as one undivided text. In order for us to understand the specific actions that we must perform, this single program was divided into smaller sub-programs: sentences, words, letters, and even parts of letters, up to dots. It is only by such a consistent, discrete method that we can correct ourselves.

When we open the Torah scroll, we can see that there are no punctuation marks and that, in fact, the words practically are fused together. Only a person who understands the text is able to separate them from each other.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/4/16

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