My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/5/17


Purim: Esther called for the unity of Jews residing in Shushan, i.e., those who aspire to bestow. But this is enough to redeem everyone.

Purim : The Jews can be forced to unite only by increasing the anti-Semitic force of Haman. Only unity saves them from annihilation.

The EU is debating future scenarios If they don’t start educating Europeans toward unity, the EU has no future!

History repeats itself: The left-wing American Jews believe they’re building a good future for themselves, not the crematorium.

Robots will completely separate their owners—the elite—from the masses, who will no longer be needed.

Since egoism in our society has reached its maximum level of development, anti-Semitism will only increase.


Humanity—Inevitably Selfish and Inevitably Anti-Semitic Antisemitism @haaretzcom


From Twitter, 3/5/17

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