Receiving Light Through The Teacher

laitman_582_01Question: A student receives all the Light of his soul through the teacher. Is the teacher the source of it, instead of the world of infinity?

Answer: If my soul, the teacher’s soul, developed before your soul and you happen to be my student, you receive from me according to the spiritual hierarchy. As my student, you are my spiritual child. The system of the souls is mutually connected. The souls that have undergone their correction partially or fully and have ascended to a certain level conduct the Light to the other souls.

Everything is arranged this way in a sequence. On one hand, you add your ego to me, and, on the other hand, thanks to your ego, I conduct the Upper Light to you. Then you also conduct the Upper Light to someone.

In fact you are already doing it but not consciously.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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