Answers To Your Questions, Part 165

laitman_629_3Question: Is it good to read The Book of Zohar in a group of ten before going to bed?

Answer: Try it, I believe this will strengthen you.

Question: I feel that the spiritual world is beginning to show its face to me after a month and a half when it was hidden from me. I think this is a result of internal changes on a micro-level. Everything is going according to plan, but the effort, the true inner yearning for the Creator, is what accelerates this internal plan.

I cannot forget what has already been revealed to me. I no longer need to try to be convinced about what you are telling everyone. I have already felt it. It seems to me now that there is only one thing that is essential: getting away from the “idols” that surround life and truly yearn for the Creator. Is that right?

Answer: It is absolutely right!

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