A Day Of Spontaneous Kindness

laitman_594Comment: A day of spontaneous kindness was celebrated on the 17th of February. This day was first celebrated in the US and now it is also becoming popular in Europe. According to the organizers, you should try to be kind to everyone on that day. It isn’t just kindness but unlimited kindness without any shred of egoism.

My Response: First, this is impossible. Second, how can such actions be spontaneous if people know about them in advance?

You have to learn how to do that; you have to be prepared internally because you need some internal basis in order to wish good to someone else.

Question: What is the meaning of kindness? Why don’t people act according to it if it is such an important attribute?

Answer: A person cannot act out of kindness. Even those who act that way or in a similar manner cannot do good to someone spontaneously because all our actions stem from an internal egoistic calculation.

But if we begin to implement the method of Kabbalah, which will enable us to be connected with the upper force, we will be able to do good with its help. After all, this is above the ego, contrary to egoistic actions.

It is impossible to do that spontaneously. A person is an absolute egoist by nature and it says that the evil inclination is at the basis of his nature, so how can he do something for others? No way! Only if he deceives himself that he seemingly does something good for others, but eventually all of a person’s thoughts and intentions are focused only on what is good for his own sake.

Goodness is a state in which a person really wishes good to others and based on this, takes action. But if he seemingly does that for others, but doesn’t want to internally, if he doesn’t change his nature; he feels only a temporary relief that quickly passes.

Eventually everything turns to evil again. Therefore, it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We will not be able to do anything right, good, or real that can continue if at the same time, we don’t lock ourselves on the source of goodness, the upper Light. Then with the help of the upper source, we will be able to do good.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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