Influencing The Development Of The Soul

laitman_289Question: The Torah talks about a prohibition against fortune telling…does the wisdom of Kabbalah predict the future?

Answer: Fortunetellers only ruin life for us. A person doesn’t need to think about the future and ask questions about maintaining his perishable body. We need to attain a soul. Where is our soul? It is necessary to discover and develop it, connect with it, and live within it, not within the body.

Question: In the Torah it is said that it is necessary to kill, burn, execute, or hang fortunetellers. What is your explanation of this? What are these four types of death according to the Torah?

Answer: What the Torah is talking about is completely irrelevant to our world. When it talks about four types of death, it is not referring to the physical body but to the soul and how it is destroyed by a person. He is the only one who can harm it.

Nobody else has the ability to reach and influence the human soul. A positive influence on it is expressed in elevation to the level of the Creator. A negative influence is a descent through four phases that are symbolized by strangulation, stoning, decapitation, and immolation. But these four types of punishment of the soul are in a case where a person neglects its development.

Question: What does the use of these deaths mean in regard to predictions of my future?

Answer: A prediction of my death symbolizes that I must fix a characteristic within me, which I get rid of from within me. It is an internal correction and no more than that.

Question: A person must correct his own soul. Is he “burning” his uncorrected desires this way?

Answer: Nobody is capable of touching a person’s soul other than himself. If he goes deeply into his spiritual development, he can influence his soul in any direction, either in a bad direction or a good direction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/16

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