The Torah Does Not Conceal Anything

laitman_559Question: Why does the Torah conceal secrets that are so essential to manage in this complicated world?

Answer: The Torah doesn’t conceal anything. A person doesn’t need to know more than he does; otherwise, he may become confused and do something silly. If he wants to understand more, he must study the wisdom of Kabbalah regularly.

There are no prohibitions regarding the study, only internal, natural, psychological prohibitions. In a person’s head and heart, there are safety valves that do not allow him to see or know what actually is happening in this world.

A person only sees the external wrapping of it. And the deeper internality he cannot know so he will not touch it with his “dirty hands.” Therefore, he must first engage in the study and show himself and the world that he is ready for a right, good, and sensible action. And to that extent, he can advance.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/4/16

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